My name is Christine. My birthday is September 14, 1985.

I was told that years ago my father put a curse on me that I would never be successful no matter how hard I tried, that life would never be easy for me. I have tried many times to have success in many different areas of life and failed miserably. I have children now and am hoping they will not inheret this terrible luck. I keep trying and trying to be successful for my family's sake, but I keep getting blocked. I would like to know if I keep trying to succeed will I ever win success or should I just stop trying?

dear Christine i do not know who told you about this curse and its obviosly not true because there is no such thing bad or good luck that never changes. luck is about timing location and what we do with it and according to your numerology usualy you are the master of your action you think alone you do not trust others very easy and you are very indpendent spirit which do not like to take orders from any one else.
those can get you sometimes into trouble but also grant you a great communication skills and leadershop qualities if you chose to direct your efforts in the direction needed and than be dedicated to it long enough to make it succeed no matter what aspect of life you are talking about. believing strongly that you were bound to fail everything can work the same way in a negative manner so first of all its time to drop this false believe. after all you are telling me already you have family and kids , do you know how many out there have nothing of that as they failed this aspect of their life? you are the master of your destiny accepting it might have to face you with some extra responsibilities for your acts but also with the credit to all your success . numerology wise you are now in year number 3 the most challenging time but also the best time to learn you can do things you actually did not believe you can do. rise above this false believe wake your inner magic self and go show the universe you are not a failure and avoid people who gives you false fears to make you pay them money to so call remove those fears. wishing you all the best


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