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"In 2009 I gave birth to twin boys at 30 weeks. Both boys weighed a little over 3lbs. My son Camden survived but had to be in the hospital for 3 months. Thankfully he is a happy and healthy 5 yr old. However, my son Keller took a turn for the worsehours after being born he died in my arms.  Hours after being born he died in My arms I I was devastated and couldn't help but wonder if I did something to cause this my arms I was devastated and couldn't help but wonder if I did something wrong even though the doctors said there was no way that I caused his death. I was haunted by the thought of Keller not knowing that I love him. Does he know that I do? Whenever I get really down and think about him, it is so crazy, but I often see a ladybug? Is this a sign from him saying hi mom I am ok? Is Keller still present around us? Does his twin Camden sense him? Any information would greatly help me with closure. I just want to know he is ok. Thank you so much for your time."

Hello Katie, I was drawn to your question in the question pool - sounds like you've been through a traumatic time and I wished to connect to your energies to help you find closure. I'm sensing that before you came to this lifetime as Katie, the souls of Camden and Keller came to you and said that they were going to be born to you etc, but all of you had karma to balance. The death of Keller was nothing due to yourself Katie, please never feel that, but Keller has another journey in life to take. I feel that Camden will always be connected to Keller but not in the ghostly sense, but the spiritual sense. I feel guided to use my Spirit Oracle deck for you Katie

CARD 1 - INSPIRATION which states on the card "your love, light and wisdom touch the hearts and minds of mnay. You will be instrumental in helping another person change the courae of their life. Miracles, inspiration and healing result" so this basically confirms that Keller did say he'd come to you because he felt you were the one to help him change his journey in life, he didn't mean to cause you any grief...

CARD 2 - PATIENCE which states on the card "You are entering a time of great love and peace. Be patient and allow the current storm to clear. Resurrection. No more wounds. Only love predicted for the future" and the Ladybird is present to show you of your connection to your soul family, whether they are physically present or not (remember love is endless and eternal, the physical reality is just one reality out of many realities) Life in this physical world is a fleeting moment, and the Ladybird wishes to let you know to let go of worries and fears that you might have of living, for life is ever changing in a cycle and when you see a ladybird next time just see how it is bringing joy and happiness into your life, for it's a message from the Divine Beings of Love & Light to help you have faith in the powers-that-be Katie :) Rumours have it this this ladybird is linked with Mother Mary with red robes, and black dots on the back representing 7 mysterious joys or sadness. Just pray to Mother Mary and thank her for bring Keller to you, and then let go and trust that he's well taken care of.

CARD 3 - KARMA which states on the card "Someone from the past re-emerges in your life. This gives you the opportunity to handle things differently than you did before. Stand firmly in your power, yet stand also in the light of love. The Universe is presenting you with a fresh opportunity to clear away any lingering karma linked to this relationship"

Blessings to you on your journey of love and light.  


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