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My name is Ilana (female) 11/12/1991 and I work at a country club. There is this guy that works at the same place and his name is Chris. I have made a lot of small talk with him before and he is always flashing a smile at me. I kind of got a vibe he was interested in me. After a few weeks, I decided to make a bold move. I asked him how often he got days off from work and he said never because he has to be there every day. Then I said "well, whenever you have free time, let's go get drink." He seemed stunned and said yeah ok. Then I was like "give me your phone, I'll give you my number." He laughed and handed me his phone. Then I told him to have a good one and walked away. Part of me felt like he seemed shocked and it threw him off. I honestly don't think he will ever hit me up, especially if he seems busy with work :\. But at least he will still see me around work. What is going to happen with him interacting with me/what is he really thinking about me making a move? Thank you for your help :)

It was a bold move for sure and I think its great you did it. So many people never take that chance which is why I think you did a good job in doing this.
Ok so he was definitely put off. There is no doubt about that. He feels a little shocked but not in a bad way. I think he was just not sure that what you and he were doing ( work flirting ) would go further. I actually don't feel like he has ruled you out yet. he just seems shocked and he is busy but there is indication you and he will have a nice get together around the end of july.  


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