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QUESTION: Dear Inbal,
Are you still getting a strong baby vibe from me? As I write this message to you, I am waiting to confirm my pregnancy. The IVF was completed on June 6th with the transfer of four embryos. I have been blessed beyond what I thought was possible! I deserve to be a mother and I trust the universe has heard my prayers. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Although it's not confirmed yet, I feel very much that our efforts were successful. I will keep you informed of my status, and welcome the opportunity to work with you further on taking good care of myself and baby (or babies?) throughout the next 9 months.
Warm regards,

ANSWER: anfortunatelly I do not recall readings of the past once they are done there are so many others coming that its impossible to remember all of them but when i give a read its usually to stay and not be changed unless we cross the time frame and nothing came through. positive thinking and trust can help you alot along the way to a healthy child so keep that in tact and I sure will be happy to hear when you have the baby . good luck and thanks for the update

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QUESTION: Thank you for your reply Inbal. I can understand how you might not remember my reading having done so many since then. My reading from you was positive. You felt that my efforts with IVF would be successful. I trust that I have been successful but the timing is quite strange. My tests are negative, yet I feel pregnant. I have no reason to doubt my gut feel. I've been pregnant before and know how it feels. I would like your help in doing another reading for the present moment. Am I indeed pregnant? My partner's name is Raoul. His birth date is March 21, 1972. My birth date is January 16, 1971. We used an anonymous sperm donor and his pseudo-name is August. We don't know his birth date. He is in his early 20s that's all I know. Hoping this reading can offer me peace as I continue to trust, remain positive and wait for what will unfold. Thank you so much for your help. Sylvia

ANSWER: I have run a re check on your condition and my tarot indeed show hormonal activity that can be a pregnancy . I have to admit it was not a one way definite call that there is a baby there and therefor I encorage you to get all tests done to make sure it is pregnancy or the beginning of it and not anything else like some hormonal imbalance or strange behavior of the womb. I also can tell you that the numerology suggest until your next birth date at january 2016 all option are still open and you are most likely to get pregnant. so I am positive as you are about your chances to get pregnant but not 100% sure what you feel is indeed pregnancy. I suggest we wait a bit at least until the pass of one month to see for sure and either way not to give up trying because the two of you will have a baby eventually according to my tarot.
thank you for your confidence and feel free to keep updating me about it as much as needed. I really want to hear about it.

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QUESTION: Dear Inbal,
My last IVF failed. Even though I had 4 embryos, none of them made it. The hormonal activity you sensed was right. The IVF drugs caused my body to grow fibroids in my womb. They are large enough that they may have been in the way and the reason why none of my embryos fully implanted.  I feel very strongly that I have a spirit baby around me that wants to come through as our child, but he/she is not ready. I have tried, but I am not able to communicate with it to find out what he/she needs to come through. If you could please do another reading and have any of my questions answered it would be a big help. It's important that I heal from so many losses and be able to trust that our child is coming.
My name is Sylvia and my date of birth is January 16, 1971. My husband's name is Raoul and his date of birth is March 21, 1972. My husband has Azoospermia. We have used donor sperm, from an anonymous donor along with IVF or IUI to conceive all my pregnancies.

Questions for our spirit baby:

Why are you meant to come through to Raoul and I as your parents?

You know our situation. Can you tell us when you will be ready to come through? - so I can avoid going through another failed procedure.

Can you tell us how to best conceive you? Is it IVF or IUI that you prefer? Are you a donated embryo or from my own biological egg? Did you like donor AUGUST? Or, is there still a chance for a natural miracle with Raoul?

I love you with all my heart and have worked so very hard to conceive you. Raoul and I have made a conscious decision to conceive you. We want children. We want two babies and know that some way somehow it will happen. Do you feel our love?

What do you still need in order to come in?

If you are linked to another soul, can you please tell me why and how?

Why did I miscarry so many times?

Is there something wrong with me physically that still needs healing or is it just my heart?

I have learned to be strong, determined, resourceful, attentive, and more compassionate with others who struggle like I do to conceive. I did enough. I don't understand why I am still not a mother. What is the lesson that you want me to learn?

Do you need to be reassured? If so, How?

Is there anything we need to know about you in order to help you come through?

What can I do to be a good mother and offer you a good family?

Do I need to relax more?
Do I need to become more physically active?
Do I need to make further changes to my lifestyle?
Is there something I don’t know that I should know?

I would like to keep communicating with you. Can you show me an obvious sign to let me know you are here and want to communicate with me?

Once I am pregnant again, will you send me a sign that this time it has worked?

dear Sylvia
although I do not tend to give extra readings here in your case it is different as I am curious about this process and because my tarot still think you can be pregnant and have a succesful pregnancy which will bring a baby boy within four months from now and via some invasive treatment- the problem I have is that I am not fully educated in the medical detailes so I cant name that process just know it will happen with this-
the time frame I got now is up to four months from now with the cards suggesting that this time it should work but as I said althouh usually I get high accuracy in those kind of questions I still leave an open door to the fact that I am not a certificate doctor and therefore lack of the possibility to check for all the details that involve such hard process but I feel for you and I am very impressed by your strong spiritual conviction which is according to my experience always a very important part of getting anything you want in life
numerology wise your next fertility time is after January 2016 . tarot wise it will be within four months from now not more- if there is any other treatment you can consier now after all what you went through it will be best to go through it within four months from now or better yet after January 2016
as for the questions you have addressed to your future child unfortunatelly I can predict future events but not commmunicate with future beings before they manifest into this world with a name and birthdate at least and there for I cant really answer those questions and if I try to answer them according to my believes it will have nothing to do with psychic work that i do here
all I can say is keep your spirit up do not lose it yet at least until you crossed four more months from now . and I really hope you will mother a child because numerology wise you will be an awsome roll model for any child that will come
as for your last question once again if you will be pregnant again in that time frame than you are welcome to send me a message and I will happily check for you if this time you made it properly although I do hope you will not need to question that at all-
my best wishes to you


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