Hi there!
I have a query regarding my career. What kind of career do you think I will settle in eventually?
I aspire to get into something big, becoming an authority figure and change/modify the system for the good of common man. I want to indulge in humanitarian causes and have great passion to work for underdogs and women who are generally abused by society no matter in which part of the world you are living. But I have a certain sense that I won't be actively involved in such work until I reach a certain position in my career.

I don't know if it will ever materialize or not, and if what I feel is right or wrong, but I feel I should do something about challenged people in this world. I won't deny that I do want a successful career as well. And I am intuitive, and I want to pursue occult and delve into deeper realms of reality. I hope you don;t find me crazy here. And I want to learn under the guidance of a competent teacher. Do you see it happening in my future in this life?

I find these two dreams as my motivations to keep moving forward. I know these two are opposite realities of life and you can answer whatever comes to your mind. I would be happy to gain any insight on my life in future.
My name is Soha and I was born on May 13th!

Many blessings and love!

Dear Soha,

Hello! What a warm letter! And never, ever apologize for who you are -- you're not "crazy" in ANY way! Just beautifully creative.

I'm going toward occult first; this area is closer to you or has been on your mind perhaps more recently, but here goes - something about ghosts, in particular, and I hear "ghostland," like you might travel to a place that is known to be haunted, and explore and just let yourself feel what's still there. Strangely, with this, I'm also being told to "leave the past behind." Nostalgia won't work in your life very well right now. It's time to move forward, no regrets, no time for that.

I feel like you are your own mentor, or that you don't follow certain ways of doing things, but tend to read and watch a lot, take in a lot of information, and then tailor it to your liking, thus making it your own.

I don't know why this is here, but it's peach cobbler or peach pudding, something in the oven, warm, or apples, but feels/smells more like peaches, so I don't know if that's a dish you like or if you like the color peach, but it's the aroma and the sense of "home" that's pulling me the strongest. Your most natural and best color is light blue -- and a few green tones.

Back to you holistic, occult path: I know of many very well-regarded people in this field who go to Lily Dale, New York, every year in the summer/late summer, and some of those dates have already passed, but it might be a good idea to look into this:

There's also a list of the practitioners and presenters -- so many, that you can just find a few that you resonate with and contact them.

Back to your career -- I feel like you can, at some point, integrate the intuitive world with the business world -- you're a natural charmer, and you'd do very well in anything that requires persuasive gifts -- sales; in particular, the sale of fine art, music, dance, or design. You also would do well in law; I can see you speaking in front of a jury and just owning the floor, taking it over. You'd win just about every case. You might try paralegal work if you don't have the JD degree yet; it's a good way to get a feel for that field; or, you could try for a certification in court reporting. Some more schooling does feel available to you without you emptying your bank account -- at some point, you're either going to teach yourself or learn through work or through school, even a vocational school. You're also at your best on Fridays and Saturdays; I don't know if you've found that to be true, but they just feel right.

Impulse control is your major stopgap here: find a way to narrow down your choices, and also how to integrate both occult wisdom and the wisdom of a powerful position. You can also look into Neurolinguistic Programming because you're a talker, and the words you use and how you use them can guide other people to your corner. Just investigate that a bit.

You seem like an Aquarius, and I want to "match you up" with an Aquarius mate. Or a Pisces.

You will also be involved with animals to some extent, either in your regular life or as totem animals, or more in particular, especially later in life, you'll communicate with them and understand their needs. Your work will become two-pronged later on, also; you'll separate the two (business and occult) but right now, you have the ability to combine them. Just watch your funds, and your impulsive nature, and you'll be fine! You're on the right track, because you're in a Saturn year, which is down to brass tacks, accomplishment, and career growth. Last year may have been kind of dreamy or not very eventful or expansive; this year is the opposite, so take that energy and rein it in!

God's Blessings,


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