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My name is Laura, Jan 12, and for the last eight months I have been talking to a guy I met online. His name is Hector, Feb 20. About three weeks after we first began chatting we exchanged numbers and have been texting every day. We get along so well and have very similar tastes and personalities that I know for a fact had we met in person we'd be together, but that is not the case and all we've ever defined our relationship as is friends, however sometimes it feels like more. My question is, is this going anywhere or is friendship all there is for us?
Thank you so much for your time!

Dear Laura,

Oh, you have sweet energy! Hector does, too, and yes, he's just going to remain a friend for as long as you'll have him:) He is darling, but I think he's trying to figure out his sexuality, and he's likely drawn toward men more.

It just doesn't go any further than that, but you can ALWAYS use friends, AND besides that, you have a lot of good things coming up -- are you going to be taking a trip or something that will require air travel -- I see "flying" -- and I also see a lovely carousel horse, one of those you see in theme parks, but this is more like a fantastic merry-go-round in a more established, larger park -- Six Flags, or Disney, or something. I just get a rainbow of colors. I feel like you'll plan a trip or go on a trip toward the end of a month -- from the 20th to the 30th, etc.

Also feel you're going to be spending more time with girlfriends or new friends, and this is outside, as well. It's kind of like a "reunion" feeling, but it's also new, so I can't quite tell..and there are two or three females, very good for you, and I also have animals near -- are you the mother of some pets, and is one or has one been slightly ill or lame or something in the past year -- feel like you're going to add to the pet(s) you already have or get one, if you don't have one. It feels like a little brown dog. You are the second person today who I've come across who can communicate with animals.

I feel like a more solid relationship for you is coming up next year, when you will have learned to kind of open up more, not be so afraid of showing your emotions, and -- okay, there's a worry here about being left -- were you left or abandoned or criticized as a child or in adolescence -- feels like that hasn't stopped circling round your brain. The key here is to trust your intuition. That's all it takes.

For example, you're unsure about Hector, so you wrote to me. You didn't need to, because you already "knew" the answer deep down. You just "know" things, so look forward to having some real fun and sharing more of yourself with men -- be more open, and trust that you'll be fine. The past will not repeat itself unless it has your permission, so don't give it.

God's Blessings!


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