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I am female and my name is Ameeta. I was born on 26th of january. Can I ask what is the long term future for my relationship with Amit(male)? We currently live in different states but have shared a very strong bonding in the past. However I am not sure how realistic this relationship is. It seems more like a platonic relationship since we are living apart. I am not sure what is this future of this relationship. We have been good friends in the past but I am wondering what should I seek from this relationship with him? or should I just move on and away from him?
I feel there is great potential there to be best friends for life but I don't want to keep myself in illusion especially when I don't know what is on his mind regarding us. We are not in touch at the moment but I long to be together with him as I have always liked him as my friend. What should I do if I meet him in future? I mean I am thoroughly confused about him. Can you please guide me in right direction? Your insight will be much appreciated.

Dear Ameeta,

I don't have Amit's birthday, but you've already answered your own question! I feel like you're trying to talk yourself out of it because of the distance and the intuition you've been getting about just a friendship -- and you're right, but I don't even feel a friendship will last the test of time. And that's okay; at this point, you know you've tried and done your best, but you can't give him what you don't have; you can't feel what you just don't feel -- and there's no point in carrying it forward.

I just don't feel you'll meet him in the future, but that this was a good time that should be and will be always remembered fondly; things don't have to last forever; most relationships just are not meant to. You would do best to just let it fade naturally, and before long you just won't be in touch anymore, and again, that's fine. It doesn't ruin or erase what you've already shared, and THAT is the gift.

I feel like you're going to do best in relationships with someone who is much older OR much younger. Both! That's where you kind of break with tradition -- but that's not ready yet; I see it still "being put together," like a fine recipe that takes a long time to create and cook. It may also be that this person is in the restaurant or food business in some way, or that you are.

But that comes later, as I said, and right now, just do what feels best -- either let this relationship with Amit dissolve naturally, or tell him you don't think it's working, and stop it altogether. The choice is up to you, but the ending itself is inevitable.

God's Blessings,


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