Hi, I have had this problem with my ears for about the past 4 years. I have been to the doctors about it many times and have taken their advice, but was just wondering what information you receive for me regarding this problem? I think my biggest worry is not knowing when this problem will go away. Do you happen to know when it will if it does? If not any insight you get regarding it would be so helpful too, like perhaps if there is a deeper purpose or meaning behind it, or anything related to that, anything you may pick up. Thanks so much in advance :)

Name: Laura
DOB: September 27, 1996

Dear Laura,

First thing I feel is that you tend to look at every day as a race to be won, a completely new challenge, and you don't feel armed enough for it. I wish I could calm or neutralise your's almost crackling with electricity.

I don't think your ear problem has anything to do with a past life or is even strictly a medical problem, though I do feel you brought it on yourself to some extent; I think it's something you've built up from your past in THIS life that you've blocked out or just don't want to hear. Have you kind of rewritten your early life history or changed facts and people, made some alterations, in your mind, so you don't have to look or hear what really was said? I feel someone said something to you that was very troubling, and I feel like your childhood/upbringing was a bit tumultuous, maybe even moving from place to place or something, and you like your family of origin, but at the same time there's guilt here -- someone is guilty of something, yet you don't want to approach it; you don't want to muddy those waters lest it starts up again.

Also something about driving too fast, smoking sometimes, as if you can drive away all the things you don't want to hear, so be VERY careful in the driver's seat of a car, for Godsakes! Also feel you move, walk fast and burn lots of energy and calories - you must be quite thin. Don't wear ostentatious or dramatic earrings, and don't wear those ear decorations that go up the outer side of your ear. Leave them alone, and when you have time, sit and be quiet and just LISTEN for about 10 minutes every day. If you combine this with talk therapy, I think you can whip it. I also feel you already know what this is about, even unconsciously, and it's easier to get rid of than you think. It's about releasing tension and hearing a NEW pattern -- from yourself. Tape yourself saying some mantra or some sentences that you like that describe you, and play it while you go to sleep. Put soothing background music to it, and really MEAN what you say. No one will hear it but you.

So, you just have to replace the old message with the new one YOU create and thus give power to yourself while deleting/recording over/erasing the old message that came from someone else's power. This is one of those things that can be easier to do than say!:) Good luck; I have no doubt you'll kick this to the curb.

God's Blessings,


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