my name is sona and my date of birth is feb24.
i would like to know about my soulmate. do u think i will meet my soulmate in this life? if yes, how/when and how will our relationship be like? i have met quite a few men in the past and realized that men try to befriend me because of my outer appearance and they generally turn out to be very disappointing. i have also come to realize why i end up attracting such people and have started working on my own self and the flaws i carry.
so i am concerned if i will ever find true love in this life? if yes, what should i know about him?

thank you for this offer to read for a stranger.

Dear Sona,

First I hear "up on a hill" and "Mary," and I feel something Catholic-related. Are you Catholic, or is that in Your background or extended family -- I don't like the word Soulmate because it implies perfection, and its use is also very limited -- "soulmate" as being only one person. And there are many kind of soulmates, as well as many kinds of loves and kinships, so leave that word behind. It will free you up because you won't seek just the "dream" of someone, but the real person, good and bad; and you'll also be inclined to look toward other people who you wouldn't ordinarily think of as your type.

You are not a stranger! No one here is a stranger; I tune into your energy, and I certainly feel your dilemma; men do go after the physical first, and you have a strong enough instinct to be able to sense those types right away. I feel like you've sometimes let it go too far, even when you knew that's what it was going to be about, but stop doing that. End it/shut them down as soon as you get the first signal (and your intuition will never let you down) that they're in it just because you look good on their arm, to their friends, all that complete nonsense. Be much more definite about this: I want you to really get away from them, and don't think about what they think. It doesn't matter.

I'm so glad you said this: "i have also come to realize why i end up attracting such people and have started working on my own self and the flaws i carry." I think part of this Is that you tend to fall in love very quickly, very easily, without really learning about the person.

I absolutely am certain you will find a true love, and I feel like your life will be somewhat traditional, and if you aren't careful, you may get with child easily, because I feel you're very fertile. Watch out for that and make sure you're protected or don't risk anything before you're absolutely ready.

This is someone who Will be in a similar family situation -- if you have a few siblings, so will he; your family structure will kind of "match up." I feel like he's a little more athletic or muscular than the type you're looking for, and he's more business- and logic-minded than creative, or artistic. He's a builder of some sort; he builds things -- Also feel you won't want to hear this, but I feel like you'll meet him and marry when you are between 30 and 37.

I also feel you'll have to make a choice between two men at some point; they will really seem equally wonderful, and one is east of you, and the other is west -- one in the west has more greenery around him, trees, maybe a little water; there's a "green" aura about him; the one to the east of you is toward what look like high mountains, similar to those "purple" mountains of Utah, but I don't think Utah is east of you; it's some kind of mountainous area. These men are both spiritual people deep down.

I hear Thomas, and Michael, and I'm seeing things from what appear to be your childhood, like a cat, a puppet-doll, and there's older-looking wallpaper in this room, and it's a bit messy, though you live in a very nice, clean place now and are looked after well; this could be a grandparents' house, a room where you used to go. I don't know why they show me this because it does not pertain to your question, unless this person is close to wherever those "old things are" or the older relatives' house.

Is there something about a trip by boat that you've declined, or had the chance to go and didn't take it -- I feel some resistance to this because of a slight fear of the water, but it feels like one of the kinds of places you'll meet at least one of these people. It's too far off for me to pick up on much more about where you'll live, how you'll live, but I do see you with children, and I do see someone who works with his hands, outdoors, but not in construction solely; it's "around" construction. More like planning, development, project management.

I wish I had more, but most of all I want to reassure you that this person will come to you, and he will Arrive more easily if you ward off those leeches who just want you for what you can give physically. I'm strongly being urged to ask you to have a "strong spine" about this. The numbers 11 and 3 fit are connected to these men -- I can't feel which one, though, or what the other one does for a living.

I sure wish I could help more, but I don't get anything else. I wish you all the best, and not to worry; let things happen when they will!

God's Blessings -


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