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kylie 3 may
Janelle 16 April
What does the future hold for us?

Dear Kylie,

First thing I feel is a push-pull of energy between you; a sense of imbalance -- are you trying too gain the upper hand, or dominate the relationship in some way -- there's something uneven, in slight chaos here, or there has been, and it's a power issue, it feels like -- an emotional side-to-side, like I feel like I'm on a ship in heavy waters with waves rocking to and fro.

In fact, I feel dissension, unrest, and this emotional roller-coaster on her side side, as well. I just don't think you're temperamentally suited to each other. I wish I had a better answer, but that's a very immediate and specific feeling. It's just too imbalanced, and I feel like she's more into a fantasy life or world, or has a way of looking at reality that isn't quite realistic in some sense, and that's either just the way her mind works or it's due to mind-altering substances. Feel like she's more of an escapist than you are and is hard to "get through to" because she can seem kind of remote.

However, I see flying - travel - have you visited her, or vice versa - if not, you have "been there" in spirit, and something about the 20th of a month or the number or age 20 as well as March 3 or the number or age 33 feels significant somehow. I feel you've both hit the peaks of real joy at some point in this relationship, but your differences overwhelm those times, especially because you're long-distance.

I wish I didn't have to send this, and I hope I'm wrong, but I can only tell you what I get. Trust your instincts first and foremost, Kylie. You're the only one who can divine your own future, ultimately. I wish you all the best with this.

God's Blessings,


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