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I am 36 years old, born February 12. I've been seeing Mike (b. November 20) since January. Things have been wonderful although the distance is difficult, as is the infrequency of our visits. He's older and we both have our own children from previous relationships,but there was am immediate connection when we met, and a comfort as if I were home. I'm just curious what our future may hold,and should I continue to pursue this relationship?

Dear Liz,

Thanks for writing! You are a dynamo; you keep busy, keep yourself really centered holistically, and you pay kind attention to your appearance, which takes a lot of work! I also feel you're either in this field as well or are strongly and naturally drawn to it, and likely have been all your life.

I see your problem; something's drawing you toward him more than just a sense of home, and I feel it's partially financial, but overall, I feel like you'd both lose that initial spark -- like it would wear out in time. I hate to say this because I know it's not what you want to hear, but I really feel like he would kind of not make room for you if you did move in together or get closer - and I feel like he'd want you to make the move to him, and he's just not as social as you are, either. Something makes me feel tired, a little like I'm lagging behind, and I think this is how he might feel -- he has a lot going on as well, and he seems quite nice and a very good man, but it's like there's no room left in his life -- he's packed it full of things and will find it hard to change them or replace you with these obligations. He's also stressed, under pressure almost on a daily basis, and you recharge him, but it's best at a distance.

I feel like you're better for him than he is for you; I feel you'll find someone when you DO get out of your zone, your home area, but not too far -- if you could take a day trip or a long weekend to a place of either historical significance or even a "haunted" inn or something along those lines -- there's someone closer to you, and I have the letter C, first or last initial, and he doesn't feel too far off -- in time or in space. Whatever this activity is, it involves research, exploration. I've already moved beyond Mike. I'm sorry; I wish I had better news, and for your sake, I really hope I'm wrong, but he just doesn't feel like he's going to be as accommodating as you think -- and does he have a "show boat" or is he in promotional work or something to do with "showing off" in a sense -- this takes up a great deal of his time and brings in lots of funds, but I still don't get a match here.

God's Blessings,


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