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My birthdate is June 29th 1994

I have met a girl whom I have fallen in love with over the summer and I now have to return to my college town while she also will be attending another school across the country. I want to pursue a long distance relationship but with no chance of us living nearby each other in the future I fear it will be difficult. Should I pursue the relationship regardless of no chance of us living nearby in sight? She is the most captivating girl I have ever met and I believe she truly loves me as well.

Thank you.

Dear Forrest,

Happy Late Birthday!

First, I feel like the separation will be easier for you than for her only because you seem to need more space and time away from those you love than for her -- in fact, more than most people. You are loyal, and I can't pick her up very well with no name or birthdate, but I feel she returns your love because you believe she does, and you can sense these things in an almost uncanny way.

I don't feel any reason to not pursue this relationship. Distance is not what it used to be; you can still see each other electronically, etc., and I feel like a Fall (maybe Thanksgiving) visit either at your home or hers will help both of you grow closer. Normally, this kind of thing does not work out, but if it doesn't, again, I think it would be due to her, because you have such a sincere, generous heart -- you mean what you say, you're clear about your feelings, and you stick to things. I can't quite 'reach' her, but I feel like there will be a trip, another meeting, at either your home or hers in the Fall, and though I don't think you should expect to hear from her every single day, I do feel it will continue at a pretty good clip.

When you do see her again, I feel like you'll both be able to tell at that point whether you both want to go forward. In the meantime, I feel you're funny, talkative, engaging, interesting, albeit a little too possessive....let things just flow, and see where it takes you.  

Is your religion different in some way -- also there's a slight socioeconomic difference in your background and hers, I feel -- some slight things that are more interesting than "threatening." Also feel you've had your heart broken before, and you may have just given it away too easily or quickly. There's something different about her; she's I want to say "exotic" in some way that I can't quite express.

If you sense any hesitation or pulling back from her, just ask if that's the case, and it would be better to call it off then, unless you can talk through it. Don't ignore any gut feelings; you are very in tune with even the most subtle of feelings and can use that to your advantage. Still, I don't see any reason to break up before you both go back to college -- at least not on your part. I wish you all the best, Forrest!

God's Blessings,


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