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Hi hope you are well and have a great weekend! My name is Rachel, I'm named here a lot also as Racheli, female of course. My DOB: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 am , Israel, Tel Aviv. I'd like to consult with you regarding my love life, I'd like to know when I'll finally have a serious and a long term relationship as I've dated quite a lot of men and nothing worked out. Feel free to share with me honestly and freely all that you see. Your help is highly appreciated!

Dear Racheli,

Hello! Yes, you caught me on our Fourth of July weekend, and I would have responded sooner but these holiday events take up some of the time I usually spend working and throw me off schedule - so I am sorry for the late reply!

You are very intelligent and like yourself a great deal. That is a wonderful gift. Age 26 feels like it was very hard, like you went through a deep freeze or someone "froze you out" -- a Leo person? I'm seeing what looks like a sort of statue of a lion -- age  but you used to play some instrument or do something musical, and I think you miss it. Age 29 -- you've just come out of a sort of metamorphosis, a sense of "coming to life" again, but I feel like age 34 is going to be your time -- right around that age is when you're going to meet/attract the right kind of men, and one in particular stands out, he's on the thin side, he wears a lot of white, a white shirt, he may work in medicine, not sure what that is --

I hear people say that you have either a very unique or loud laugh, and it kind of startles those you don't know well because you're kind of reserved by nature -- and I also get a tiny bit of bitterness about the relationships that you've put so much effort into and haven't worked out, which is natural, but try to replace that with gratefulness that they crossed your path and made you wiser. Anytime you are able to love, that is a gift.

You're going to be drawn toward Pisces, Aquarius, Taurus, and Virgo men - with the Sun or Moon in those signs. Feel one man among these four has already sent you round the bend mentally - made you crazy!:)

All over the place with you -- hearing watch your heart, arteries, as time goes on, just to be forewarned. Nothing feels wrong right now but could come up in future -- also there's one particular person in your family who is "your favourite" or the one you always can turn to -- another blessing.

Feels like you'll meet this person around age 34 on a journey of sorts -- either for business purposes (and I feel you're very, very strong in that area, no problems at all - a natural leader) or for fun. A fun trip. A beach location.

I hear "Janet" and that this person either grounds you or looks after you, could be someone who has died, or a friend of a friend, I'm just not sure, but this is a stabilising influence on you -- may not know of this person just yet -- "time" in spirit is not like calendar years here -- it's so hard sometimes to get nail things down, they're so nebulous -- also hear "penny" as either a name or actual pennies, like pennies from heaven, either the song, or you find them a lot. Finding pennies is  supposedly one of those "psychic clues" that you're tuned in and on the right path, etc., but it doesn't work for everyone; I never find anything of significance!:) Or was this a doll, or a pet's name, or a friend from school -- again, could have passed -- it's really after me.

I hear "trauma center" - do you work near a medical building or in medicine - and again, I do not feel you are in any physical danger, but there's something medical connected to you, and it's urgent care, of excellence in its field, and I see a man in a black hat, or maybe he's a priest, but it's like he's a chaplain or religious person in this medical place. Not very tall. Older, about 70.

Are you punching below your weight in love matters? Something feels like you're spending too much energy on men who aren't quite as sharp or your intellectual equal as you should be. There's an innate sense of "I'm not really that great; I'm not as great as people say, I'm scared, I like to nurture men," and you may even seek somewhat-feminine men, or those with slightly feminine features or "beautiful" faces. I'm hearing "wrong direction, try over here" and seeing a hand pointing in the opposite direction. So maybe divert from your usual path or "type," just as a sort of mini-test, and see what happens. Kind of do the opposite of what you'd normally do for a while; you may surprise yourself. Yep, I feel it now - you have doubts, suspicions, jealousies, even obsessive tendencies over the SMALLEST THINGS or things that aren't even an issue, and this contributes to some failure in your relationships. I'm seeing someone gesturing, "Please, not more of this," a woman, about 5'4", 50s or 60s, probably passed, likely an aunt. She says to be patient, seek peace, be gentler with yourself. Let things come to you -- this year, in particular. You struggle unnecessarily.

I do feel a lot of moving about, whether in career or moving house frequently, and it's only that you get restless and like a change of scene more frequently than most. Career is strong, but it's fluid; the perfect career for you would be something where you could be completely unstructured, original, entrepreneurial, even, WITHIN a strong foundation or structure. It's like going into a beautiful home and messing everything up for the sake of creativity. You MUST have your own space. And it must NOT be cluttered, but full of lots of bright colours, yet elegant, and with more than just a dose of red, in particular. Didn't you meet some love partner at work or at a work-related function? Was that the Leo --

Feel like both your parents were/are equally strong people, at least in your eyes. I feel like someone's either missing, or there's someone "extra" - not sure what that's about -- regarding your parents -- is there a step-parent, or did one of your parents leave or pass away -- or are they WITH someone or with some job that requires them to be away some of the time?

I think that's all I'm going to get -- you're very wise, but with wisdom comes complication, as all old souls know -- there's sacrifice in everything in life, but you'll definitely marry in your mid-30s. Things will slowly begin to come together -- if you back off a bit and stop being your own worst enemy!:)

God's Blessings,


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