What do you see in my career for the rest of 2015? Do you see any radical change in my job situation or career overall? I have a good job but i am terribly bored and disconnected to my surroundings. I also find jealous people around me who create issues for me all the time that upset me once in a while. But I don't know why do I feel so bored and so lost. Can you please help me understand what I should be looking for for the rest of 2015 and where is this restlessness originating from? how to curb it? I am Noni, born in March27.
Much appreciate reading in advance.

Dear Noni,

First off, I feel like you're allowing other people's energies to get in your way, and kind of consume you. I don't really feel like you have need to be jealous or that it's jealousy; I think you're picking up on THEIR sense of inadequacy and "false bravado," meaning they try to appear confident and strong, but they're not at all - they're full of fear, and you're picking it up like an antenna and letting it soak in, and your brain is interpreting this feeling as jealousy. You don't have anything to be jealous about; you're entirely too intelligent! Especially around this group, who kind of get in a clique and seem to whisper and just throw a damp, heavy towel over everyone they come into contact with. Distance yourself, Noni! Just let those issues BE theirs; don't soak it up; put up an imaginary wall or pane of glass between you and this group (mostly women, it seems) and whenever they get around you, their negative energy will bounce back toward them, away from you. It's an easy mental trick, and they'll soon stop coming around you because they'll start to feel aware of this kind of "white witchcraft," I like to call it -- it absolutely works. They'll get a double dose of their own whiny, egotistical energy, so they'll avoid you unconsciously!:)

On to other things, about the boredom: I have two different career fields coming in here, and I feel like you're already in one of them - is it healthcare in some capacity - if so, I hear the word "rescue," and I get the 16th of a month or 16 as a key number related to something -- it feels like a transfer, or a lateral move within the company but out of that department. I feel you'll be "rescued" out of that environment, but you have to ask around and apply to either different jobs in that company or others like it in a new company. The boredom can't go on much longer, because it's draining you; I can feel it --

I think you're also bored because you tend to thrive on challenges and do your best when every day is different, so I feel a few good areas for you to transition into would be EMT, 911 operator, ER or OR scrub tech, something that makes you think on your feet. Anything that makes people pull together and work as a team in a crisis situation. Even the police department, the field of law. You're just really action-oriented and should be able to move your limbs, stretch, get exercise AT work. You're not a desk-sitter. Also have you been in a hot-air balloon -- if not, try that out sometime -- I'm seeing lots of fun and relief, and a really colorful, bright, safe balloon that will show you the sights from above -- you need a fresh perspective, and that will help!:)

You're also a "talker," I think -- and this is a completely different field, but I can see you in reporting or radio or working in the news business in some way. Design and writing kind of go together, also. But this is a second skill set, and you might be using it now (though I feel health care is stronger at the moment) or later.  

I hope this helps, Noni, and all the best to you!

God's Blessings,


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