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Hello Genna! About three months ago, my lover and I had things going well. Now I'm heartbroken that things ended and now he has a girlfriend. I like to think I'm not the bad guy in this and that he still holds respect and friendship for me. Is there a chance for reconciliation? Will he return to my side? His initials are S.J.F. 8/16/90 dob, birth state Texas, current state Illinois. My info D.M.P. 4/3/84, Texas, Texas

Hi Danielle,

- I am seeing strongly, he is not being fair to you, and he is stubborn in ways. And I also feel this shows in the fact he has a new girlfriend. Your spiritual guides, there is one, she is Amy. She does not see you guys talking things out, or getting back together. And your guide thinks and tells you rightfully so. Your guide wants you to know there is nothing wrong with you, this is not your fault. Both she and I are seeing him being the culprit here. He can also be selfish, and so therefore, he is not the right one for you. I am seeing you are a very sweet and caring person, you truly deserve better. In terms of someone good for you, he is going to be a little younger than you, born in 1988. I'm getting the name of J. Your spirit guide tells me Jason. And you will meet within 4 to 7 months from now. He is rather handsome too, nice looks. And he will be good to you, and for you.

I hope this helped.

Goodluck to you!


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