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Hello Shepherdess, thank you for offering your time and guidance here. The name I go by is Sophia, and my birthday is January 11 1983. I would really like to know if I will ever get married to a man that I will be compatible with and if we will be good for each other? I have never been married before. Please tell me anything you feel or see about this person that will help me? Love takes up alot of my focus, so thanking you with much appreciation for any insight you can provide ♡

Dear Sophia,

I feel like you're very attractive and have had lots of opportunities with men, and feel also that someone (or two) has proposed marriage to you, but you felt it wasn't quite right. Someone wanted to get closer, at least; and you were right to hold off. Your antenna is sharp, and you instinctively know the "good ones" from the bad ones.

I hear Marco or Mark or some variation; lots of the letter M, first or last name, and I feel wintertime is significant, I hear "Jingle Bells," I feel like this is going to be a very traditional person with traditional, conservative values, and your wedding will be, also. I don't feel like it's too far away; two years, at the most.

Do you go to symphony or something social on a regular basis that's elegant, requires you to dress nicely, etc. -- if not, can you (I'm hearing classical music) apply to be an usher at the symphony or the ballet, or even a volunteer (docent) at the museum -- the people you want are around these areas. There are two; one is a B initial, first or last, feels like, and something about peanuts or peanut butter. You aren't ready for any of this quite yet because you still have to get your house in order, set yourself up to be "ready to go", i.e., ready to leave your place now and move in with your husband. I know that thought scares you a bit!:)

Also, I get that sometimes men don't approach you because you tend to be a little bit either aloof, or seem disinterested, or seem like you're not open to engage in a conversation AT ALL. I see a hand in front of me, as if to say, "STOP," and you seem to put that out, even if you don't realize it. You have a very sensual nature, so go easier on yourself; I feel like you're a little too worried or caught up in this and don't project enough laughter or relaxed disposition, which naturally attracts men. You also may run into someone from your past and rekindle that relationship. I'm also being told to "look outside your immediate area" in terms of race, religion, that sort of thing -- not so far that it will make you uncomfortable, but I don't feel like you "let certain people in" -- and that might be a mistake.

I feel also like you seem to THINK you lack a sense of personal power in drawing the right person to you -- this is also a mistake, if it's true. It's a feeling like you can't change things; that you get stuck, and that's it. But you CAN. Oddly I feel a Leo person might bring out the best in you, or a person with many planets in that sign, because they can balance your natural moods.

Seems like you're "the helper" "the compassionate one" in your career, but it doesn't translate over to your love life, but that's not a BAD thing; it's just how you relate -- with love matters, you'll find laughter and mental communication, lots of talking, agreement on ideas and enjoyment of the same ideals in life will KEEP you talking and keep the relationship going.

There are two men who I feel you'll meet in one or more of these elegant situations, and that they will come to YOU. But you have to go in with your guard down a little; you're a little too standoffish to be approachable right now, but you can change that, too!:)

Good luck! I feel like if you really want this and focus on WHO you want, he'll be there within two years.

God's Blessings,


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