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Hey my name is Dominique (Doma) is my nickname my birth date is may 2 1987 can I get a relationship reading his name is andra his birth date is sep 13 1984

Dear Doma,

Yes, I'll be glad to look into that! First, I feel you're diet is off in the sense that you're taking in too much rich or "fast" food and that interferes with your sleep, which slows you down. That's just the first thing I got, but let's go to you and Andra --

Feel like you're both adventurous types -- very good together when you're kind of on a mission or even just going to a theme park or trying anything new together -- it feels like you're best mates on those occasions, and he really likes your spark and that you really listen to him. It feels like a great friendship, which is of course the best foundation for ANY romantic relationship. Has this been going on very long, because I feel either fertility is good or a child is on the way, thought about, or is here. Feel also two women around you, protecting you and very glad to be helpful; these feel like relatives of his or yours; maybe a friend, but it feels more like a family connection. I don't feel Andra much around this, but I don't know why -- he seems to have a "loner" type of personality; maybe he just removes himself from that kind of thing -- also he has more of a "wild side" than you do; you're very calming, whereas he's a little like an Aries; he's exploding all over the place, he's high-strung, he's nervous, and even oversensitive, and I feel like he tends to retreat to you, because you're calming, but might treat you like a mother more than a mate, and does he also sometimes defer to you in making life decisions, or let you be the dominant one where you feel HE should step up and not be so submissive?

I'm feeling a little unsettled the more I move into his energy, because it's so dynamic and explosive at times -- does he also spend a lot of money -- I get sleeping again, but with him, it's insomnia or headaches. He's spending too much time on watching either TV or videos or something very stimulating before he sleeps, and this wrecks his natural rhythms of sleep and wakefulness.

You're finding it hard to keep up with him, but he's definitely an original person with a unique outlook on life and what he wants in a career/job (which changes often, but will become less so as he gets older). Feel a real sense of "need" from him for you, but I kind of feel you're getting a little worn down. It's like he can go from the peaks of joy to the depths of despair -- is he manic-depressive, as in bipolar, do you know?

There's trouble here, but I don't feel a break; I feel like he needs help, maybe medical help, or just some talk therapy, and he's worn your ear out, so it would be someone like a counselor. He's going through a tough time because he can't quite find that "mission" I first mentioned; this is what he needs to get focused and stay on course; without it, he doesn't have a driving need to push ahead. He needs to work for things or people or ideas that he believes in or is very interested in; he's one of these people who can't just do "any job"; it must have meaning, and if he's given up, he's selling himself short. There are plenty of things out there that he would LOVE to do; no job is going to fit every one of his needs, but if he can find one that uses part of his passion, he's won the game. I feel like he expects too much from a job or career. No one has a perfect career - no one! It doesn't exist!

I don't think this is what you want to hear, but it's what I get -- I just do the best I can and hope that something clicks. His main, good qualities are that he's so original, and he stands out in a crowd because he's stylish and has a sort of "presence" about him; those are people's first impressions. Tell him to use that and couple it with one of his passions in life, and go after it without wavering. He CAN get ahead if he'd let himself.

Oh, I hope this helps....please let me know, one way or the other.

God's Blessings,


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