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I'm Nicole, and my birth date is September 20. My boyfriend is Darius, and his birth date is February 28.

My question is, As we are a long distance couple, in separate countries, do we have a future residing together approaching?

Thank you

Dear Nicole,

Thank you for writing. First, does Darius kind of run hot and cold, or seem to shut down and say it's due to business (which is likely is; I feel he's very business-oriented and puts that first) -- I feel like he's not what I'd call unstable, but he's not as stable as you are, and you'd be the one to hold the reins of this relationship -- meaning you'd be the one to go the distance, to meet him over there, to make the plans, and it feels really uneven to me. That doesn't feel fair. He's a little bit over the top, meaning extra-enthusiastic and I feel he's highly talented, I see glitter, I see stars, I see even some kind of acting or stage talent -- he's really high-energy, fast-paced, does he dance also - it's like I can't get his energy to slow down quite enough to capture it, and it won't slow down to let you catch up, either.

Feels like a good, fun romance, and even if you travel to see each other once in a while, I don't feel a probable longstanding future together. It's just not here; I wish I did, and I hope I'm wrong!

God's Blessings,


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