Hi my name is Thuyoanh and my birth date is Dec 29. I am a college student and I am still undecided about my career choices. I am choosing between human department and health science. Can you give me insights on which major I should study and have a bachelor degree on?

Dear Thuyoanh,

I feel like you're a talented artist, among other creative things, but since you've only mentioned the two, as long as your career path will allow you to work on a team, you will always be pleased. Never work by yourself. You're a people person, though you have a cautious "reserve" that fades fast when you get comfortable.

By "Human Department," I'm assuming you mean human resources, which would be excellent, because I feel you're one of those people who get enjoyment out of giving guidance and support to others, showing them how to do things, explaining how things work, all while using your sense of humor. I can see you standing up in front of a group of new employees at a work setting and teaching them, helping them "learn the ropes." It's a way for you to be "on stage" and be a communicator, even being funny (I see a dry humor, and it's so important to keep things interesting in training classes, human resources, etc.)

I'm leaning toward the first one, although you would do well to work in a medical setting, such as a teaching hospital, where you can work in HR, and where it would be very helpful to know the health sciences as an overall topic -- could you minor in health sciences but go into business administration, focusing on human resources? I think that would be the best fit. I also hear "translation is needed" and you can provide that as well, especially if you work in Great Britain or the United States.

I hope this helps; I feel like you've kind of already made up your mind, but it never hurts to get another perspective. Imagine what one day doing health sciences would entail, see yourself going through that, and then notice how you feel about it. Do the same with human resources and dealing with loads of different personalities and job sectors and job openings and transfers and continuing education and teaching and see how you feel about that, as well. Intuition and gut feeling never lie! Good luck!

God's Blessings,


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