My name is Katie Black and my birthday is October 27, 1986.  My husbands name is Keith Black and his birthday is May 26, 1985.  Recently I have discovered through old phone records that beginning over a year ago (when I was pregnant and unable to have have sex due to medical reasons) that my husband was having numerous late night and daytime phone calls and texts with a female "friend."  He chalks it up as it was someone to confide in when at the time he was nothing but emotionally distant with me.  I never knew this female friend existed for over a year.  He refuses to give me passwords to online banking, credit card, and other accounts and is very secretive with his phone.  Recently I discovered that he had been prescribed medicine for erectile dysfunction that he was having filled when we were not able to have sex.  He refuses to be honest with me and keeps telling me that he has never cheated on me and that I continually just look for ways out of the marriage.  I need to know if he was in fact unfaithful to me or if I am just a crazy person.  I would truly appreciate any answers or insights that you can provide along with your opinion on if this in supposed infidelity is continuing.  We have 3 small children and my heart is broken.

I will open this answer by saying that I am surprised you two went through three lil kids while the relationship did not function or worked too well to begin with . many time I find myself wondering about the destiny of those kids who are born into an unstable emotiaonly homes and wonder even more about the parents who often think making more kids will glue them better to each other. according to the tarot yes he was cheating on you weather it is with certain female or by engaging with several others not being emotionally attached to any one else which is why he maybe think its not cheating really. also I have seen that these marriage are not working and its better to try and end them instead of wasting more of both of your time and leave the kids emotionally hurt over the lack of peace and balance in the house which they already are aware of. destiny have brought the two of you together becuase in your past life you shared family ties and your souls had a deal to meet again in the future, it is not something that we are aware of usually in our daily life but it reside in what I call primordial memory and bring people together sometimes in this case your lesson with each other is to learn how to let go and so the best idea now will be to end this marriage. I am sure he will not give it up easily on that I can tell that he is very attached to his family but that does not mean you have to stay in unhappy marriage where your spiritual and physical needs are not being served not to mention the secrets he wont share in regard to your financial conduct which suggest the complete lack of trust from both side. with no trust there is no true love and the tarot indeed suggested this is more a matter of possesion and owning than loving each other. bring this marriage to an end find a way to do with with less as possible pain for the kids (they were not the blame of this) and seek a better life and partner for the future because right now there is not much fixing you can bring to this marriage in a way to make me tell you to try and fight for it.
sorry for not being very sweet about it but my heart is broke as well for the three kids out there and I pray for their well being.  


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