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Psychics/long distance relationship


I have recently met somebody, he lives over 250 miles away and neither lf us are in a position where it would be possible to relocate in the near future  (him due to his young children, me due to university).we have both agreed we want to give it our best shot and i perosnally feel that the time we are forced to live so far away could work in our favour. I am ready to put everything into this, the whole situation goes against all my 'normal' feelings... but is he going to do the same for me?

Hi Meg,

- From what your spiritual guides are showing you, yes it will work out, even in the long term. They see you giving much thought to this situation, and you are being careful with how you decide and plan on things. To answer your question, will he do the same, I feel that he will ultimately, yes. Which is why this is going to work out, however, I do feel at the start of things, there might be some bumps int he road, even to come, but it is going to work out.

I hope this helped.

Goodluck to you!


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