Hello, I plan to move abroad, I'm thinking about many countries but I'm not fixed yet. I'd like to know when will I finally travel and where this will be?  My name is Perpétue, born on 11/16/1991.Thank you. I prefer brown

Hi Perpetue

Thank you for being so patient with my response and to answer your inquiry about moving abroad. I really don't see you moving just yet.  I believe it'll take another year for you to determine exactly where you'd like to further your studies.  The USA is one of your chosen places, but it appears that you may end up heading towards Europe or Australia first.  Perhaps setting priorities and writing out a schedule of goals will help you to visualize your direction.

You're a person with great intuition and very willing to do what ever it takes to get to where you want to be.  And that is a good thing to have because you can actually manifest what ever it is you set your mind to do.  The color that you prefer is a color of an Earth element which usually depicts being grounded and  many people look to you for your opinion on things.  You're a great provider, you speak your truth and can be very stubborn at times.  But overall, you're a very giving Soul.

I hope this give you light in your path.  And feel free to look me up via my website at

Thank you again, and I wish you a blissful day.

Le Vans  


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