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QUESTION: My name is Michal (born 25/03/1992). I'm a gay man, I live in Poland. Before asking question I'll explain my situation On February of 2014 I met a guy on some random language course that is not even connected to the subject of my studies. And I felt an immidiate connection like I've never did in my life before. He laughed at my jokes , always blushed around me (and as I observed only me) sometimes he would "accidentally" rub his arm around me and stuff. Hovewer when I was trying to flirt a bit more directly I quickly noticed that he was very much ashamed of his feelings for me because we are both guy. Yet we had this great connection till June. Than our contact broke but luckily he had birthday on July 23 so I send him the most heartfelt wishes and after talking we decided to meet for a beer couple of days later. And then I was desperate to confess my feelings and sadly during our talk when I tried to approach the subject he wouls shut down. So i told him bluntly. But I wasn't trying to rush things or force him to anything I just wanted to know for sure and I asked him to be honest and he denied everything (in the very unconvincing way suddenly talking about some "girlfriend" he never mentioned before) And after that our contact broke. Next day I just wrote him a message apologising and deleted him from friends on Facebook (which now I think was a mistake) I then fell into unbelievable depression that I got out only with big dose of meds. And I contacted a psychic for the first time. She was good but I quickly lost contact with her. What she managed to tell me was that he and I needed some time apart to work through our issues but we were destined to run into each other again and had a chance for the beautiful love between us. I was relieved after that but soon I lost hope and tried to get him out of my mind by flirting with others and being busy. but it didn't work out as he was coming back even in my dreams. So I realized I could not fight my feelings and was confused as to how to get this thing going again. And then suddenly like 2 week ago after almost a year we sort of run into each other however we didn't get a chance to talk. I think he may have noticed me and quickly turn away. Generally he is a tech guy intrested in robots and mechanics but has some problems with expressing emotions. I contacted him again during his next birthday but he rejected me, I feel he is still afraid. His name is Marcin (23/07/1993) My question is: Do we have a chance for the relationship in the future/is it meant to be? I will attach the pictures.(He is the one with glasses) Thank you in advance for responding.

ANSWER: Michael--I do not see the photos.
I'll get back to you  tomorrow if you sendfthem today. Its is Sunday for me now just after 4PM. Shari

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QUESTION: Sure, I'm sorry I'll attach thE photo now ( I'm the guy without glasses)

shari at 41
shari at 41  
Dear Michal--
Get a glass of water in hand, and sit down. I am going to be your Mama Gay Lady and talk with you as I would my own son. I have had to learn many things during my life on this planet and one of them is to let go of people who do not see your light and want it to shine on them--without reservations or qualfications.

Michal, Marcin is an all American boy just as you have surmised. he is attracted to men and he has even fooled around (and got caught once). It scares him. His family is strictly religious and he feels ashamed and danmed. I don't know how you came to peace with your sexuality before these days of transformed and liberated thinking on our planet, but for some the struggle to just be who you are is still just that, a struggle.

You can become his best friend and coach, I guess if you can keep your pants on, you can wait for an opportunity to tell him your story and to help him see that he is worthy and can be true to himself. So write him a letter, explaining what you explained to me about wanting to make sure he was sending (and receiving rightly the love signals). Also, tell him you want to just talk about being "in the Life" code for gay without frightening him. Keep that letter on you at all times--change the envelope if it gets old and crinkly. You must have it when you two meet again so you can give it to him. That in itself will blow him away. Yes, you will meet again--that much is destined.

A great love and a long time commitment may not be destined. Sometimes--as I have found as a healer who is gay--people are put in our lives and across our paths  so that we can help them along. So try to think of yourself as his ambassador right now. You have wisdom and power to offer, and fearlessness.

I know your feelings are strong and that it is a phenomenon you are quite shaken by, but these things happened often and will happen to you more than you know--you are still young (and handsome and attractive and wise). Let your feelings be what they are and observe them with compassion. Do not take it that just because you feel obsessively attracted to him that it is a sacred and fated love. It is chemistry and may be past life promises that you are keeping by stirring him to a more complete understanding of the nature of love. You have awakened him and that is what he may need to to begin bravely to face and take control of his life and feelings. Remember, he knows he is a flake and that he is running from you(himself really). He will want to say something to you by way of apology or excuse.

This brings me to his "girlfriend." He may have one so don't be so quick to blow it off. He may feel he is cheating and was in fact cheating when he brushed your arm. He has to keep his family and others fooled and off the scent of his gayness. This you must have compassion for. It is agony for him, and he doesn't know what to do. If he doesn't have one, he just said that to make himself safe from you--very hetero point of view, as if you honor heterosexual unions over your own kind. Hahaha

So, my son--if you allow that--pull the covers over your head and sleep with him all you want, but do not make yourself crazy. He needs a friend more than he needs a lover. That you can live with and focus on, it will save you from pills to fight depression (by the way, you must not let your emotions and fantasies about ANYONE take you to those dark and rejected places. You are worthy of love. Don't set yourself up to be co-dependent and drug addicted.

Thanks for the photo of you. If you are willing,please make a donation to my work.


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