Hi, I was wondering if you can give me insights on my relationship with my little sister. I haven't been able to talk to her and it's been really hard since she's ignoring me right now. We have a little dispute and I try apologizing but she won't listen.  We have been like this before but I feel like this time she decide to cut me out of her life and I'm worried. I was wondering if you can see will our relationship gets better. My name is Thuyoanh birth date Dec 29 1993. Her name is Phuong Sept 29 1995.

-Thank you

Dear Thuyoanh,

I apologise for not getting to you sooner; they send me each day's questions at midnight, so I'm usually not available until eight hours later and then some, depending on my schedule. If I could, I'd respond to everyone immediately!

Now, I feel the blockages here -- several things about the dispute AND about her personality in general: She's giving off a lot of energy!

I feel like Phuong is always thinking but rarely speaks, meaning that she appears quieter than most or will speak without revealing too much information, and that this is not necessarily a "new" thing; I feel it's part of her personality - likes to keep secrets; is drawn to "darkness" the way a super-sensitive poet or artist would be, yet she can be very cynical, and this is getting in the way.

Her need to keep things to herself seems to stem from the need to remain in control of her life; she feels she's certain about something right now, and I don't know if it's to do with diet or eating, but there's a bit of a "regimen" feeling, or going back and forth with a certain regimen related to food, diet, eating, body issues. It doesn't feel very constant; it feels uneven, back and forth, and she needs regularity. Feel she may be pulling on this to attain a certain level of this "dark night of the soul" sort of feeling in place of using drugs; something is giving her a "high" of some kind, and she's retreating more than usual. Is she also lending much of herself to someone who appears to be a leader, a mentor, but who may not have her best interests at heart -- it's a feeling like she's pulling away from you just to try to pioneer her own way through life; I want to say it's just a phase, but it's a little too early to tell - she DOES have that pioneering spirit, that need to try, risk, start new things, challenge herself, etc., but she's losing her confidence/sense of independent spirit slightly.

If this is the case, I feel like she just needs to go through this and remind herself (or you can drop hints; that's the best way to get across to her right now) that she's a seeker of deep knowledge and is a natural teacher. She's an educator and should teach in some way or form in a career. I really feel strongly on that one. Her high regard for knowledge will serve her well, not only with what she's learning about the somewhat "mystical" side of life, but in every sense of the word -- I feel her teaching herself / researching things on her own, far beyond what academics can give her. She's also a leader, and people will one day listen carefully to her and learn from her wisdom.

There's a lot of power behind all this, and I see some hair in her face or something "like a curtain" -- something she's using to kind of "disguise" herself or has changed her usual look in some way, but this helps, in an odd way that you don't quite see, because you're just so concerned -- you're so close to her and love her, so it's harder for you to be objective about these changes. I feel like in later years, you will be fond friends and sisters, but she will rebel if you keep after her right now. Just drop hints.

I feel like she may build up too much internal pressure at some point soon and will "explode" in anger or just get out of the situation; there is movement involved, and I can't tell for certain if it's a physical move of house or a symbolic one, but she'll shift her position several times before she settles down. There's just electricity going through her. She's a receiver; she's an intuitive. But she can drive herself crazy if she doesn't remember that she's very valuable and very much "of this world" and can help many, many people.

I don't sense any real danger; again, she's too smart to get pulled down by anyone or to let herself implode. She has a fighting spirit underneath all this, and when she gets that "look" in her eyes that seems mean, it's more about personal, intense power and an understanding of her own strength. She'll be okay. I would honestly tell you if I felt she might need an intervention of some sort, but I feel you need to step back a bit and let her sort this on her own. But what a good sister you are!:)

God's Blessings to you both,


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