I am self supporting. I am unemployed and need a job. I need the pay and benefits. I am in the dental field and have been applying to a dental school, hospital in my area for a job. I have had a few interviews but no offer.

Last week I had an interview at the childrens hospital and am waiting to here from them one way or the other.

Do you see me getting a job offer from this university, hospital?

I need the job as I am running out of money.

Any insight will be heartfelt..thanks and god bless...nancy FEB 16, 1956

Dear Nancy,

Few things - I see many boulders, large rocks, some foliage, but it feels like the desert, as well. Could be the name of a place where you work or live, as in Boulder, Desert, something. But I see a building, kind of looks like an elementary school - but seems deserted - I may be reaching into the past - don't know why -

Are you taking care of someone, a relative, someone who can't work or won't, or the situation is tough, and I feel like it's a sibling, an older sibling, if not, then it's a young-minded parent. I feel your stress and want to soothe it, but a Band-Aid won't fix this; you just need a little more "covering the wound," like a sort of cast; you're broken in a sense, and you do need more love in your life - was there a departure, a split, in love matters also in the last year - Richard - Ricky - but I'm going with a more "formal" name LIKE Richard, a first name of one of the Royal Kings of England during the time of Richard III, etc., seems to resonate - I don't know that list, but it's a first or last name. Still near you, too near, would you like to move, have you considered -

Is age 49 significant, or the month of August (death, anniversary, a split). Feel you're so busy trying to take care of others all the time, nearly, that it's kind of painted you into a corner, and you're sending out desperation signals. If you can lower the volume or frequency on that, you'll be much, much luckier, and people will be more open to you -- this job at the children's hospital - lots of competition - also feel like you're moving down a familiar avenue - have you worked in children's dentistry or hospitals before - and though you do have experience, I'm seeing a movement away from that path - it doesn't feel like a sure thing, even an interview, because I have so many people here - crossroads - take your knowledge and skills and throw them in another area of either children's health or dentistry in general, and again this building that looks somewhat deserted (maybe because it's Sunday) looks like it was built in the '60s but not rundown at all - is there a teaching or staff nurse or paraprofessional sort of position somewhere near/around children elementary-school age - and  counseling is highly involved.

It may be easier to translate your skills to another field. Feels like you've done this almost "too long" -- one certain thing, or industry, and it's moved beyond your interests and feels like a well-trod rug that's wearing out - something fresh, not a start-over, but a side approach - there are two distinct sides (industries, careers) that you can carve out of your professional experience that I don't think you're seeing; open up to that; it will create more abundance; you're limiting yourself - that's the main thing. It's time to be your own leader, take the initiative, draw up two plans, and you can do this more quickly than you think - you'll surprise yourself if you get out of the "follower" position and move ahead to become your own leader. It's time to break with the past in as many ways as possible, though I know certain things just are beyond your control, so that's fine and understandable, and those things will be easier to handle if you veer off and look to the sides of health care in general - teeth, oral surgery, all of that which it encompasses, and the other side of the court may have to do with counseling and children.

You have more choices than you think, so spread out your mind, stop thinking negatively and who is Sharon or Shannon but I hear you saying or feeling, "I'm just not going to get anything" and you're panicking, and that's the very thing that is holding you back - Sharon/Shannon or that sounds out like that name feels wrong / time to move on from that person - I'm seeing yellow roses, and I don't honestly know what that symbolizes - it might mean something to you - they're outside, a pale yellow, a scent, or perfume, or maybe that's your color - or good luck charm - you already have one, though, and you've stopped taking it around with you and thinking about it every day - it's in a drawer and seems kind of dusty - it may be hard to find, but ask to find it, and you will, and carry it around again.

You're moving to a much better place in your life, and you WILL work -- find the right thing -- in the meantime, use temp agencies as a bridge -- apply to two, and if one or the other does not feel right, move on quickly. All of this will be accomplished quickly and more easily than you think, and this will lend you the variety you need in your life right now. There are other things out there you can definitely do very well and bring your entire skill sets to the table -- you're not limited at all.

The "career" job doesn't feel very present to me right now, but I feel more "in bloom, the Spring" with it - and that you may meet someone who knows someone, or make a direct contact. Definitely do temporary work, even if you're just answering phones somewhere (or in a dentist's office) and scheduling.

You're very pleasant to be around, and smart and kind, but I think you're too generous with your time and should think more about yourself and really hone that natural sense of mastery that you have -- you could have been a business owner, an entrepreneur -- and I feel you know that about yourself.

I'm seeing an older home, in the country, a barn, I think? and this goes back to your very early years,  I think - something about what happened then or how you felt then is connected to you still, and it's a positive feeling -- someone, or something - you'll pick it up - and hold on to it when you do -

NOW is the time to take action, so you have very good timing about approaching this job (and others) right now. The rest of the year is very, very good for anything business-related, getting ahead, getting noticed more easily, and love life takes a back seat for a while, but won't matter because this is more exciting right now.

If you could manage to do "two jobs in one," that would seem to suit you best so you won't get bored; also, if you can travel/move, that feels propitious, as well. And if you haven't ever worked for yourself, now could be the time. Visiting dentist? One who travels?

Just look at EVERYTHING. Try things on that you normally wouldn't. You'll be fine, and you'll be happier, Nancy. Cut the worry tape so it will stop playing.

God's Blessings,


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