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My birthday is August 31 1972

I am disabled and had to stop working as a social worker helping women. Now I am unable to feel productive. I worry about our finances plus I feel worthless. Please advise me if you can.

Thank you so much


Dear Lisa,

You have a spark! And also, best (but belated) wishes on your birthday!

This spark has just gone out temporarily; doldrums are natural, so don't fight it or beat yourself up too much -- feel you tend to over-analyze, over-emphasize what really isn't as "heavy" as it seems.

I get the "gift of gab" with you, speaking, public speaking, teaching, training, showing people how to manage things, writing, even something to do with law or a ministry of sorts. It's just been sublimated; pushed back down, and you've had a rough time of it, so what feels "worthless" right now is only dormant; it's never transformed into worthlessness.

I feel like you're confused by both the big picture and the details -- too much input, too much thought, again, too much worry. Turn this into action instead, to try to fit your natural passions and interests into work that will allow you to communicate these ideas, these skills and others, through the computer, either through freelance work, starting a blog, or setting up a YouTube channel. It's about creation from within, but you just need a little push to remember that you're inherently very good at these things!:)  

Feel you're one to really "shine" when others approve of you, show immediate, positive feedback, and this is more easily achieved than you think -- you're so original, intelligent, is there something with flowers, delivery of flowers; though you're physically restricted in certain ways, I see you delivering flowers. What better way to receive joy? Think along those lines, ones of "adventure," I'm hearing - you're too cooped up.

Also hear/feel you need something/someone to get moving; a like-minded friend, or just a volunteer position right now that you can lend your passions to -- the key is to get out of the rut. However, watch for giving too much to the wrong thing/source/person; this will dampen your efforts and interest level like weed killer.

You're just naturally charitable, and you have a need for liberation from "that place," I'm hearing again, and a need to expand your energy to other areas, other places, other people. New people. Volunteer at first if that feels easier, then turn it into a paid position. Your life is far from over; you're just at an impasse, Lisa, and you have a choice: you can broaden your outlook or not. I'd rather you did!:)

Much luck and love,


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