Hello Shepherdess, hope you doing well-:) My name is Meirav, female. My DOB: 21st, February, 1980, 15:00 pm, Israel, Tel Aviv. I'd like to ask you when do you predict I'm likely to get married or at least have a long term relationship as I'm nearly 36 years old  and I don't seem to find my second half even though I've dated so many men the last few years. Your insights and honesty are highly valuable and appreciated!

Dear Meirav,

You have a striking, lovely energy about you; very bright, cheerful. You present yourself very well -- and I can see why you've been so lucky with the lads, but when it comes to settling down...a lot going on here --

Do you often attract or seem drawn to foreigners or those from different cultures, religions, backgrounds, or men who seem otherwise "not suitable" in some way -- there is a strong sense of either you moving abroad, or that you've already moved abroad, and that your long-term partner (not long to wait; no more than two years - you're close to almost-ready, and I think you sense that) will be either from another country of origin and/or different culturally or in some other way. It's very strong.

You're a "sporty" person, and I feel like I'm getting someone who is connected with sports in a business sense or plays professional sports -- the entire industry is an "open door," I'm hearing. You need a sense of real adventure, and not just a calm, settled, quiet life all the time. You need a little more outside stimulation than most, AND you're not a very needy/clingy person, so when you're lucky enough to find a man who is as secure in love matters as you are and is willing to be an equal partner, that will be such a relief! Feel you've dealt with lots of jealousy or possessiveness from men, and that it's been a turnoff.

Watch for your tendency to pursue pure "sensation" or "the love of the chase" (and the catch) in partners; you are SO fun-loving that it does seem to start to feel like a bit of a game, perhaps to your partners; they pick up on that. I feel two men in particular have been much more serious about you than you were about them, but it's just -- you're so magnetic! But you can't give what you don't feel or have to give.

I feel like you tend to think the grass is greener kind of thing and move relatively quickly from one to another -- I'm hearing "Fred," and I see the Flintsones, and I've no clue what that means -- it's either to do with someone you'll meet who is representative in some way of one of those characters, or he likes the show, or a person whose name sounds like "Fred" or isn't what you'd think of as a very "sexy" name!:)

There's also a control issue with you, I think you'll understand this...a bit of a need to be in the driver's seat a bit? Some subtle manipulation (I'll give you a small Cheshire smile on that:) but nothing hurtful whatsoever.

But for best results, try not to do that!:) You're depriving yourself of truth, of raw honesty, in ways you don't realise, I think, when this occurs; it's kind of your way to remain safe and certain that you're loved and appreciated, but you're not showing people who you really are, the bad with the good, the sick and the healthy, etc. I feel like you can wear yourself out playing a part, almost like you're rehearsing lines for a film, and it's physically taxing, these extreme feelings. You're definitely a rather dominant-minded soul, so seek out your equal -- challenge yourself. You haven't been doing that; it feels like you've been selling yourself short. Through "Fred," or this person who is in some way in the sports-affiliated industry, I feel you will learn to know yourself better, and it won't be all sunshine and roses, but that's kind of a good thing, in that you'll get to a depth that you haven't quite explored before in yourself, and this man will not be deterred by it; he'll stand by you and help you face a few little demons -- we all have them.

I feel like you'd be most compatible with Leos, Taureans, and Aquarians (either Sun or Moon sign), but don't let that limit you -- also see initials "T" and "D" as well as your own, "M" -- as significant, and while I do see you as very outgoing in general, there are times when you tend to shut down, I see a zipped mouth, literally -- as though you go into "silent mode" and find it tough to communicate or express your deepest feelings. To others, you look and seem solid, strong, reliable, but there's another, inner you that many people don't know, and it's holding a mini-volcano. This isn't a "bad" thing; it's just the natural dark/light, yin/yang, feminine/masculine traits we all have -- but I feel like it's coming up here because it's been repressed....the part that needs order and routine, but will also put you into positive places like singing, writing, teaching people, speaking in public, that sort of thing.

I also get something around you to do with marine life, a marsh or a very watery area that feels/looks "marshy," (I don't know how else to say it - swampy?) and something associated with what is underground, the earth, caves, exploration. But that's off topic.

Last words: Stay away from men who are even just vaguely "attached" -- do NOT seek the unattainable. It won't work. And if you sense someone who is picky, fickle, unsure, uncertain about you or shows any insensitivity, move on, keep going. That's my take on it, anyway! Good luck and much love!

God's Blessings,


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