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Name: Michael
DOB: April 3 1976

Hello, I am very confused regarding a women at my job.  I don't know her DOB but her name is Liz and she is 26.  She looks at me all the time and I know she is attracted to me so I spoke to her.  I stuttered for a long time and I am not that comfortable talking to women.  I didn't come off confident and she told someone I work with that she is unavailable even though I know she is single.  But, what confuses me is that she still looks at me.  Should I try to approach her again.  I am looking for a girlfriend and I am confused.  Thanks

Dear Michael,

Lisa is intrigued by you, and I feel like you're overthinking this and worrying too much about how you look. She's looking AT you because she likes what she sees, and is curious, so try to just leave your ego/worries about how you appear (something's just off a little there, I feel; that you think you're not quite good enough or something) -- and speak to her again. Ask her if she can either 1) help you with something work-related or 2) go to lunch, but separately, and that you need her opinion on something related to work, but not too detailed; say you're asking around, and do that -- don't lie; create something, if you have to, regarding an idea you have, what you think about a change that's occurred recently, anything, even related to parking or something that's changed around where you work. I'm not suggesting that you gossip, but talk about something unrelated to the people who work there -- could even be the commute, a new department, anything new that's been put into place in the past three or so months.

She's curious about you; I can barely feel her energy but seems she's also one who kind of needs someone/something to "get moving." She may be just as shy as you, and if you keep the conversation on a neutral level, on the level of objective opinion, you'll just be talking about an issue, not about each other, though that would give you the opportunity to reach that point if you find you're still interested in her.

She also tends to give a lot, from what little I can tell, in that she sometimes gives too much, but often to the wrong people -- has been hurt, stepped on, that sort of thing. Judgment isn't always clear. She needs sincerity from people but isn't used to getting it. Show her how the truth works. I feel like IF she is involved with someone, he's not good for her, and she knows it, but she feels trapped.

I also hear, "three strikes, you're out," and I hate to be so blunt, but just try again, and you won't have to even jockey for a third try; just be YOU and don't apologise for anything. Feel you like taking chances and challenging yourself in your career, so look at this as just another challenge -- you can do it, no doubt. But if you're attached to someone in any way at all, don't do this -- she's vulnerable.

I hope this works out!

Bright blessings,


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