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I am Arium and my DOB is June 16, 1984.
May I know if you see me employed by the end of 2015? I am currently unemployed, recently my contract got over and I am looking for a job. If you see me employed where would it come from? I have  been looking in different directions, utterly confused. I want a good career but don't know my niche'. I don't know what profession would best suit me for a longer more stable career and in which I can see myself established well. Can you suggest something that I should pay attention to? I mean is there something specific I should do that I haven't paid attention to? What is my best skill and what do you see as my long term career in coming years? I am tired of running here and there like a confused child. I want to get settled and have one specific direction. What do you see for me? What should I explore? Do you see someone/something around me that could be of significant help, like a mentor or someone? I would love to know their specifics in case there is one to recognize who this person is.

(((Thanks much and enjoi your weekend)))

Dear Arium,

First thing I hear: "Take a few calculated risks." I'm feeling a need to go beyond your usual path, the regular road, to look to the sides of things -- training, teaching, showing, talking to people, whether in orientation as in Human Resources, or in direct training classes, but it's something very related to talking/speaking, communicating almost all time time. Do you have experience or an interest in hotels or the luxury travel industry - feel that's a spot you've missed -- anything that puts you around other people and in a position to guide, show, instruct -- even something like a historical association, where you can give guided tours, or a government (state-based) department of tourism and travel, where you can promote and write about and publicize a certain area. Also, if hotels beckon to you enough, go into concierge work, but start at the front desk (because you have to start somewhere, and that's the best place to meet people and show off your verbal skills). You can be easily promoted in this hotel (large hotel) industry.

I also feel you're a natural with sales, but you'd have to really like, appreciate, and believe in a product to do well. I don't get that you're going to be happy looking just for the highest salary; it's much more about how you feel in your surroundings, and what you come home feeling every day in the sense of personal, not financial, accomplishment.

Financial planning for others might be another area, or a side interest, but be careful with your own money, because I get a bit of a slippery, fast-moving feeling connected with money coming in and going out of your hands, on a personal level.

So, areas of interest that "ping" with me are travel, talking, speaking, writing, something even with the media, working with foreigners or those from different cultural or religious backgrounds, and someone with an "S" and / or an "H" for first or last initial feels significant, important in the sense that they can be catalysts, helpers, for you. Don't feel you know them yet.

Also, reach out more to friends, associates, relatives, as well as hobby-interest groups -- travel, still here -- but not necessarily YOU traveling, but assisting those who do on a regular basis -- and  you will one day travel to discuss, lead, speak, show videos to large groups to educate them, in a sense. But that's far ahead.

You're also a little impatient, want something to happen "now" -- and time isn't always such a great friend:) but you'll do well if you look down side corridors, not just down a straight list; get creative-minded and see how you can translate your skills to many different avenues. Work is very mobile right now and will continue to be, so if you need or want to change jobs quickly, you'll be able to and no one will question it.

Don’t settle, but open yourself up more to possibilities that you may have crossed off the list prematurely. I'm hearing April as a "final month," meaning something will be firmly cemented by then, and you'll be a completely different person in a much more stable place at that time -- but that doesn't mean you'll have to wait until April or should rest on your laurels until then -- it just means you have time to expand your view -- and you'll do well. Anyone with the "gift of gab" as they say, like you have, just can't fail. Communication is the key to everything. A second language will also be a huge plus, if that's a possibility.

I hope this helps!

Bright blessings,


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