I am struggling emotionally.. In love with someone who no longer wants me, though I know he is unhealthy for me. My birthday is march 6 1991. I am wondering when or where will i find my next soul mate? ... I long to feel beauty and passion and trust. Or have I already met him, just do realize it?

Hello Jessica, thanks for contacting me with your question. As I connect to your energies, I am shuffing my Gypsy card deck, your cards are House Stars - the cards are saying find the love within your home first, i.e. love yourself, bring hope back into your life by yourself, another guy is not there to do it for you, he's just the icing on your cake, you have to bake your whole cake yourself. Then when you love yourself, a guy will enter your life you will meet him socially in a public place. Blessings to you on your journey of self-love.  


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