my name is meet and my dob is feb 16,1981.
i want to know about my soulmate, the one and only i am supposed to be with. where will i meet him, who is he? i want to recognize him. could you please help me know who he is? i keep getting visions that i am going to meet him soon..why is this so? i feel so strongly about it! it seems to be that i am traveling to some place where i will meet him but how/where/when i have no clue....can u give me some details about who he is and when will meet him? is it long-term or short term relationship?

many thanks for helping me dear!

Dear Nina/Meet:

First thing that comes to me: Maybe you've been unconsciously blocking this from happening because there's a sense of push-and-pull here - I feel like I'm afraid of losing control (as though being alone is safe and secure), and I also feel I'm afraid of losing my freedom to go and be and do as I like, and it's a strong pull.

I don't know if that resonates with you, but that's how it comes across to me -- it's a feeling of expecting others to open up like a book and just pour their hearts out, seek you out, and latch on to you -- BUT if and when this might have happened (and I wouldn't be surprised if it has, because you're extremely magnetic and one of those people to whom others are just naturally drawn, to tell their troubles to, etc.), have you been equally as open and receptive? Or have you clammed up? Have you gotten knots in your stomach? Have you been told you're a little too detached? I still feel it has something to do with a fear of losing control and freedom, and it harkens back to a time in your youth, perhaps, when you DIDN'T feel secure with older people who should have been protective but fell a bit short here and there. It's like you're still carrying around some of that dust from many years ago.

Also, and I know you are honest, but there's always something you seem to hold back; I feel like I'm not quite able to express myself clearly, or that I have to be careful about how I even phrase this, so that often tell me a lot about the personality of the person to whom I'm writing/connecting with. It may just be that you need to realise you're not caged; you're not going to be caged, and that love with one open honest, direct person WILL fulfill you and FREE you -- not the opposite. It might take something as simple as telling yourself, repeating a sentence, etc., that says just that, or looking at yourself in the mirror and saying "I will be safe, secure, and completely free with another person; I will feel elevated in all aspects and embrace the larger, more bountiful and expansive life we can share than the one I can have on my own. I send this intention out to the universe with my purest faith." Also, make sure you know what you REALLY want and need for yourself, and write that down. Do the same for the kind of person you feel would be best for you -- you don't have to make a strict, limited list that no one could meet:) but you could write it down in fairly specific terms and look at it every day, as well. Then, when you meet this person (and I have a 7 here, so I'm going with August or the 7th of a month or in seven months (you can put this to work anytime, so 7 months isn't unrealistic; it's just simple "attraction magic" or whatever you want to call it); it's the law of what you send out, you get back. Just make sure you express to the other person exactly (with diplomacy and tact) what you feel, what you really want, and what you need.

Saturdays and Mondays - your best, what feel like your "lucky" days -- and were the ages of 28-34 particularly difficult for you - feel like you've been "run over" like you've been hit by a train, something really knocked you off-kilter and may still bother you, something may still remain from that time period -- but it's over, and it will not occur again until your 60s. You're in the clear!

I'm hearing "Crackerjack" and this may be a nickname or a strange word that might mean something in your life, and if so, just think of all the possibilities and the subtleties within. Explore it thoroughly. I can't decipher messages because I'm just a conduit; also I'm seeing a teenage / adolescent girl, a little bit at that awkward stage, someone you know or will meet has this young person near, very close to them, she has the typical angst and some breakouts on her face, dark blondish hair, and she's connected to either this person (whom you don't know yet) or someone who knows of this person and will introduce you.

Is there a wedding - a winter wedding - this year or into the winter next year, as far as March - if so, that's a good place to look, the timing feels right, and I'm going toward someone with dark hair, darker features, olive-skinned or very tanned, and kind of quiet, reserved, not overly talkative. Just keep your eyes peeled for that; this person, again, may only be the one who will connect you to the one you will end up with.

I don't like to use the word soul mate, because I think there are many soul mates, as we all have many kinds of kinships in life, and it also implies a sense of perfection that just isn't available to us on this plane of existence; it's not reasonable to think in those terms -- but I get where you're going with it - you just want to meet someone nice and lovely to settle down with and live with happily and peacefully.

You've given me two names, and I feel strongly that you'll feel better if you start using "Nina" instead; it has a gentler, more accessible energy to it -- I'm glad you gave both, though, because names often can define us in ways we don't realise, and they DO carry energy and send out that energy.

Another thing about what's going on NOW: I feel like you're blocking this energy by obsessing over it too much; you wouldn't even be able to feel a spark if it lit up in front of you and another person at this point! Bless you, you're trying, but it's too much balled-up, tight energy.

You're right to trust your instinctual feeling that someone is indeed "on the way" but just kind of let it "flow" -- sand escapes from your hand more easily when you hold it too tightly than if you just place it on your palm. Give yourself time. When it occurs, it will occur, and there's nothing much you can do to speed it up; you can facilitate better communication and openness when it DOES occur, but you can't speed up the meeting itself.

As you move through the next several months, I feel like you're going to take 3 steps back and only 2 forward once in a while in your pursuit of this person, but do NOT let that deter or disappoint you -- it's to be expected. I kinda want to say, "Be aware that even when things seem at their darkest, or most hopeless, the next moment could usher in a great gift, so again, just "flow." If you DO find yourself falling into the same patterns or attracting the same types of people (the ones you don't want), do something to physically change your appearance, which will help steer you away from walking in circles. Take a small trip, rearrange your furniture, change your hair style or color, cultivate new friendships, even take a different route to work or another place that you go regularly. "Throw yourself off" on purpose and new treasures will await you. They really will!

I wish you truth and beauty, and all the best in your search!

God's Blessings,


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