Hi I'm Marie. I was My parents are about to be petitioned by my sister who lives abroad. She wants them to stay there  for good at the same time she is helping my younger brother  to land a job in her workplace. I still have an older brother but he has his own family and is currently living far away from us. I just want to ask if when will I meet my soulmate that may lead to marriage? people are starting to pressure me to get married since I just turned 29 (birthday is Sept 12, 1986) plus the fact someday my family will have to leave me to migrate abroad. Somehow I have this fear to be living alone especially most of my friends are living in the city while I am in a province. Thank you.

Hi Marie,

- No, you will not be living alone, in the far future. And Yes you will meet your soul mate, someone of which you will marry and be happy with. I am seeing you meeting this person, end of this year, around the holidays, you know November/December. So, you do not have long to wait. I know that might be a bit of shock to you, but he is going to come sooner than you think. His name begins with a G. Like Gary or Gerry. He is born in august, a Leo. He is rather handsome, nice looks too. Nice and kind to others. I see he is big into sports, or going to sporting events too. All in all, I see you being fine in the future, and I do not feel you need to worry.

I hope this helped.



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