hi shepherdress!

may i ask where is my career headed for rest of 2015? i am unemployed, just resigned from a job that was horrible...ppl used to yell at me for no reason. i was tired so quit!
my birth date is october 16, 1982.
do u see any job for me in rest of 2015? where will it come from n where will it lead me?

thank you dear

Dear Soma,

These job changes are actually good for you; it's not something I'd usually say, but I feel like you need a lot of change, variety, mental stimulation -- and sometimes do you subconsciously sabotage yourself and "cause" unpleasantness around you or bring about enough tumult to need to leave -- because you're bored?

Where do you WANT to be led? What do you do for fun? You have to have fun at least 40 percent of the time while you're at work -- so choose something that you like already, and move that into a job. Whatever you enjoy is already a skill; just beef it up on your applications and resume, etc., and you shouldn't have any trouble at all. Your answers lie within; even go back to when you were a very young child -- what did you like to do, even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant things? I liked to organize groups of dolls and give them personalities and put them in different areas of the room, then go by and "monitor" them and straighten out their problems -- it was a precursor to this kind of work, now that I look back at it. I also used to make an office space in the utility room, where I made a "desk" on top of an old sewing machine, and I'd take notes, organize papers, and be "president" of this or that company or club -- which I used later on in my public relations career. These are the kinds of examples that will tell you who you still are -- that never really changes, and I think people should try to incorporate as much fun and personal interest in their vocations as much as they can, because let's face it, work can be drudgery, but it doesn't have to be if we're smart about it.

You're a little bit too shy, I think, about just going for exactly what you want because it might feel "out there" too much, but you owe it to yourself to do what you want, or at least keep trying. I also feel like you have a bit of the travel bug; that kind of restlessness - so by all means, use it to move about, change your environment, and don't get too hung up on longevity at a certain job; these days, people are not "expected" to be loyal to companies, and vice versa, so that's in your favour already. I don't know if you'd want to relocate right now, but you could start thinking about it and "go east" I'm hearing - even if it's just across town. Also, Pisces people seem to stand out as good for you, both men and women colleagues, so you may feel drawn to them, or they to you.

I'm probably telling you what you already know, but something about information and research seems like a good hit -- have you ever worked in either archaeology as an aide of sorts, or a runner, or in police work as a dispatcher or something behind the scenes -- there's a bit of the detective in you, looking for information, finding answers, I think -- you have a lot to pull from, and the rest of this year is semi-okay in terms of finding something -- it's feels more like a time to study, reflect on your past, get answers from those experiences, and analyze it all. You may also "expect the unexpected" and meet people by what seems like kismet or pure chance that will be positive and interesting, but overall, it's more of a year to finish off by just taking stock of where you want to go and prepare for MORE exciting years to come.

Really try to get in touch with your deepest needs, Soma -- and remember the "fun" element -- don't strain yourself or worry about it too much; let things unfold naturally, and they'll expand much more.

Good luck, and God's Blessings,


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