Hello Sheperdess,

I am thankful for you in helping me with my question.
I am a woman and in a loving relationship with a very hardworking man. My name is Frankie 11/14/1967. His name is Tony 2/21/1961. There is no question in how we feel for one another and our love and commitment to one another.  We feel as if we are Twin Flames, everything with us we both say just feels right. I can actually see and feel our being married to one another very soon. I believe it, feel it, can actually see it and have dreams of our lives together. I would love to know if the marriage proposal is on it's way in the coming weeks or months from him as I feel in my spirit, and will there be anything in our way per se to attempt to hold us back. I've never known a sweet and kind love such as this one.  Thank you and I am extremely grateful to you and the angels.  Your time is appreciated here.  L&L

Dear Frankie,

Here's what I get: First, a rhetorical question: Why don't you ask him this directly -- why haven't you discussed marriage with each other? There IS something holding you both back, and I feel it's another person, family member or something to do with a family/living arrangement that he hasn't sorted quite yet.

I feel like you have an open calendar, but his is fuller, he has more responsibilities to other people, and money seems to come into it. It's as if you're hoping/waiting for him to clear these things away to make room for you, but you don't want to ask him to do it, which is certainly understandable.

Also feel there's a certain physical distance or problems with seeing him as often as you'd like; again, he hasn't quite worked through all the brambles on his side of things, and if you get a proposal, it MUST be when all this is cleared. I can't get a connection or a "union" here yet -- but that doesn't mean it won't ever happen -- just not right away or in the coming weeks or two-three months. I don't know what this blockage is, but I feel you will, and I hope that will help put things in perspective for you.

I truly hope you can work it out to the best advantage of both of you.

God's Blessings,


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