My past is screwed up and bothers me. What is holding me back from moving on I'm clueless.
Can I expect a good relationship in future or settling down with someone good? When will I meet her.
Looking forward to hear from you Mam.
Date of birth is 12th August 1988. Name-Jess.

Dear Jess,

Now this is a new one: I can usually pinpoint at least one thing that stands out, but I don't feel there's anything wrong with you or blocking you at all!!

Do women tend to get jealous because you're very affectionate with everyone, including other women who just happen to be friends? That's all I can come up with; I don't feel a single blockage or anything that's holding you back -- could you perhaps be extra-sensitive and maybe overthink your past problems or make mountains out of molehills, get defensive very easily, that sort of thing?

I just don't feel your troubles are as serious as you believe they are -- and others don't think so, as well, but if you truly go around believing that your past is screwed up and you're not acceptable or ready for a great, full relationship, you won't get it.

If anything, your own belief about what you deserve due to what you did in the past is your undoing. Forget finances, past loves, something with cars/wrecks, family squabbles, even things to do with the law -- it's inconsequential. You're very much "clear" to me. The past leaves on its own, but if you keep holding on to it, it comes right back, and people will sense trouble or instability around you.

One thing might help draw the energy of foundation, security, stability, to you: Add an E to the end of your name if that's possible. Go by "Jesse" to new people or just occasionally work that in.

Children are very favorable around you, and there are more to come, feel like with a new relationship. Don't lower your standards because you think you're not acceptable enough or something; you'll attract the wrong person.

I see a woman with mid-length ash-brown hair, kinda covers her face, bangs, feathered, that look, she's tanned or has a dark complexion, very white teeth, big smile, she's recognizable by her smile, likes to dance, laugh, known for her laugh, wears jeans mostly but frilly-type tops, blouses, about 5-7 or taller, curvy, I think has two kids, very joyful, easygoing, just goes along with whatever, not much makeup, doesn't need it, eyes are light brown, again hair is half in her face, covers her forehead area - this could be someone you already know (hope it isn't someone in the past I'm picking up, because what good would that do) but feel it's someone you don't quite know just yet, but she's close -- near a city starts with an "S" or an "A" (or those could be her initials, first of last name, not sure).

Do you pop your knuckles or have a habit of doing something slightly repetitive with your fingers, like clicking them together (snap!) or drumming them on a table -- I'm hearing "banana pudding" - no idea - maybe cut down on the sweets, or you're around food production a lot, not sure --

This is a Number "1" year for you, and it's everything it sounds like - starting anew, making fresh starts, could get a new job or move house, children again, and travel will be easier and more fun, not just about work. Feel like recent travel, though meant to be fun, felt like work in a sense. The previous year (2015) was a 9 year, which is about wrapping things up, closures. (I get this by adding the numbers in your birthdate: 1+2+8+1+9+8+8 = 37, which breaks down to a 1; that's your "life path" number; then, I add 9 for the year 2016 to the 1, I get 10, which breaks down to 1 again.)

I wish I had better answers, but you're doing much better for yourself than you think! You have great, what I would call "helpful" energy; you would help anyone and expect nothing in return, and you're a gentleman. That goes a LONG way these days. Get rid of this junk you've kept swept under the rug and throw it to the fire! It's of no use to you anymore; no one cares:)

All the best, and God's Blessings,


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