My boyfriend and I just sold our house last year and have been looking for our next house with some land.  When will we find or move into this next house. My name is Renee and my bday is June 24 1989. My boyfriend's name is Steven and bday is June 20, 1985. Thank you!!!! <3

Dear Renee,

As I read your question, I immediately heard, "They already have a house." It must be close, either in proximity or it's a place/area you've already looked at or are thinking/dreaming about. It's in your energy -- go with your intuition, because I'm certain it's already "there."

Also, it feels very different from the kind of place where you grew up in area/location (more land) and style of architecture. It's completely, almost opposite of your home while growing up, nothing like it. I keep feeling it's North, but for some reason I'm questioning that.

There's also nothing "materialistic" about this in terms of opulence or "keeping up with the Joneses"; it's about simplicity, living well with less, a lot of wood and rock, open and airy floor plan.

You sent a photo, I just noticed! Thank you! That helps, and I'll now start to ask for those!:)

Again, I feel like you already have a special place in your mind/dreams, so go straight toward that. This is a big step, and you can't do without your keenest intuition right now. It will be a place of solace and retreat, feels new, not old or anything needed a great amount of renovation at all. I smell new wood, which may mean you might work on part of it yourselves, but for the most part, it's ready. Don't keep putting it off; look around in areas you're drawn to and be very specific.

Good luck and God's Blessings!


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