Im Joanna may 11 1984 , have i met my twin flame? If not when will i ?

Dear Joanna,

Twin flames/soul mates come in many different guises. I feel like you met one of them when you were much younger, though I feel there will be two, ultimately. If you had met a soul mate, you would just know, like you'd know the color blue when you see it. Someone was there even when you were in early teens, I'm hearing.

Soul mates do not necessarily (and often don't) become one's spouse or life partner; they are those with whom you feel a deep spiritual, emotional and sometimes physical connection, but it is often of very short duration, or it's with someone who is either far away in proximity or separated from you for reasons beyond your control. These people will stay in your life for years, even if you never marry or share a life together, and in my experience, you DON'T marry a twin flame/soul mate; you can't, because the energy is too refined, too ethereal, and that kind of relationship would "spoil" it -- going through  everyday chores, routines, hassles, etc. There are those on a different vibrational level whom you will love and and will have a more foundational, structured relationship, but it doesn't mean one is "less than" the other -- people too often inflate and exaggerate the idea of what a twin flame is -- it's really not so much about spending time together but about brief yet deeply poignant learning experiences and even just a flicker of a moment when you feel alive and suddenly different. It's so delicate, it's hard to bring it down to earth, and when you try, it's often a failure, or you're somehow sent apart, at least in your case, it feels that way, regarding the earlier experience. Later, you will recognize a twin flame when you encounter this person simply because you'll have more knowledge.  

I really feel you have met one of your twin flames, but you've forgotten this experience -- there's still one to come -- and this may not be a permanent relationship, but it will have deep, heavy reverberations to "gift you with" the rest of your life. Cherish the subtleties. The smaller, lighter energies are often the best, but the ones we most often overlook. That which is less complex is truer.

I hope this helps --  

God's Blessings,


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