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Hello Genna,
I wish you a brillant new year!
I previously asked a question out of your expertis about a house.I am sorry!I hope you can instead
answer this question about love.
I had a break up 5 yrs ago and  no long term affairs since.
Do you see any worthy man anytime soon?
My DOB is april,11, name is yasuko and I am a female .
Thank you.

Hi there.

- Thank you for your kind words.

Yes I see a man coming into your life. But, I do not see it yet. You are going to have to be more patient. I do not see this for at least another 2 years. I feel you are not having luck in this area, and will continue for a little longer. Your angels and spiritual guides from heaven, they want you to focus on your other energies and some other matters, rather than matters of the heart for now. But he will come, and his name will be Geoff. He is taller, and nice build. Light hair and eyes, tan skinned. He will look good to you, and I see it working out really well. For the long term.

Goodluck to you.


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