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Hi I'm April. Born November16,1986. I have a really hard time coping with life. I had a tumultuous childhood and I don't have the skills to form healthy relationships with people. I read an article about my mental illness and found out that I am codependent. Because of this problem, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to accept the past and move forward. The problem is now I am spiritually broken. I know that if I don't change I will cause harm to myself (I've tried before and came close) or worse to others. I have prayed and prayed and prayed but it doesn't go away. I try to tell my family that I need real help but they never listen to me. I want to go away and seek counseling but I don't have alot of money and I don't know how or where to get help. What should I do?


I am sorry you feel broken and unable to form lasting relationships.
I understand, I myself have come from a very painful and abusive background. I was for a long time under therapeutic care, occasionally medicated. It gets old. The story gets old. I realized I could tell myself this sad and unproductive story until the end of my days ,but it wouldn't undo the past nor give me the energy to have a fulfilling life.

Like you I prayed and prayed, and all the while I thought my prayers remained unanswered because I expected my mind and body to change over night like the fantastic miracles in the Bible. But God does not work with us like that. Change is gradual as we keep our head to the sky. We cannot afford to doubt that we are worthy. We cannot afford to rehearse the same script of problems over and over. It does not help to blame our families for their role in our broken lives nor does it help to resent them for not believing us or supporting us in finding help. I understand what a trick bag it is.

I saw psychiatrists, therapists, and spiritual advisers off and on since age 18. At points I was suicidal, at points depressed, at points so co-dependent that I lived with friends or strangers. I could not manage my money. I did not know who and what was good for me, and I wandered mixed up and confused until I left Alabama to go to California. Then I found a sprout, meditation, later I found the est training, later I found nam myoho renge kyo (a Buddhist path). I still prayed as I believed God had a plan for me even if I did not know what it was. And I attended various churches to stay close to the teachings of Jesus and to find family in the fellowship. Sometimes our blood relations are just that,but our family may be found along our spiritual path where ever our search for healing leads. Where you find friends and support is where you find family.

The point is I found my way through trial and error, by mistakes, and wrong thinking turned right, and through learning the language of my inner life via mediation and chanting. It didn't cost me any great sums. It was largely free and dependent on my determination to find myself, to grow strong and to kick my demons'asses (forgive this harshness).

Since you asked me what can you do--I recommend that you look in the Yellow pages or go on line and find the nearest Transcedental Mediation Center. (If they have no TM center in your part of Georgia, look for any church or group that practices any kind of meditation.) TM is not a religion. It is a discipline of the mind and soul. It's easy and takes 20 minutes twice day. You'll see. It's easy.
This will be your first step to find yourself and to start seeing yourself as you are seen by heaven.
You are not a victim or a lost soul, you are a victor and teacher who is learning through hard knocks to be of service to God(as I have). Remember Job? Remember Moses? Remember Jesus?

You will find self-acceptance, and release. So seek and you shall find.  Begin a sincere practice (remember to be gentle with yourself if you resist or skip meditating a few times a week at first...)but soon you'll get a rhythm and find escape from the ceaseless wrestling with your demons of co-dependence (and anger, hopelessness, stuckness, and self-pity). You will feel and know the difference in how you see the world when you've meditated and how you act and think when you have not.

There are Indian ashrams in the USA where you can go to learn spiritual discipline and inner truth. Seek them out if you must get away. They have scholarships and they give you harbor and succor. See Julia Roberts in Eat,Love,Pray, the film. There is a world community in Pondecherry, India in Aeroville. (Google it).

Yoga is a physical practice of joining mind and body which leads to clarity and inner peace. Check that out too. You do not have to have money. You just need to want to be well and whole. Look around for a spiritual group,like Eckankar or Sokka Gai Kai.

Finally, know that you are already on the road to healing. You have reached out to a fellow traveler as you pass along and she knows some of the way, but your path is your own. You just need to give up the negative self-talk and reprogram yourself for peace and self-knowledge. The rest will come. Be blessed.

God loves you and I love you,too.  Shari


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