Hi, my name is Thuyoanh 12/29/93 and a few months ago I was talking to a guy 01/31/94. Things were great between us and we seem to have a lot of things in common. The problem is he's kind of distant and I'm not sure how to approach this. The fact that he's distant makes me wonder if he have any interest in me. It will takes a while for me to hear or see from him again so I don't know if I should move on from him and find someone new. Can you give me insight on this situation?

Hi there.

- Thank you for writing in.

Yes, he is showing distance to you. I feel he does have interest in you still. I feel he is genuine. And doesn't want to hurt you. With all of this said, yes I think you should move on, and find someone new for you. One with with you can feel a closer connection with. The new person will come in next month, March. And he is rather handsome, an August/Leo. He has olive complexion, and nice big blue eyes. I see he is genuine and nice to you. His name begins with a G. Like Gerry, or Gary.

Goodluck to you.


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