Hi, my name is ibn and i am just starting to get to know this girl name Thuyoanh. I  like her and wanted to see how this relationship would go if I pursue it. Can you give me insight?
My birthday is 12/08/1992 hers is 12/29/1993

Hello Ibn, thanks for contacting me with your question, the Universal World of the Divine Spirit is saying to you that there appears to be a lot of factors weighing deeply on your mind as you approach a girl (this is Thuyoanh or any other prospective ones) financial prospects.... child-bearing prospects... how will she fit into your family traditions... is this the right girl long-term for you. There's a feeling within you Ibn, that you should just find yourself first before you look to another girl to give you the things that are on your list, maybe they're on a list because of a community or social conditioning.... I'm drawn to pulling a Tarot card for you from the Rider-Waite tarot deck - KNIGHT OF CUPS reversed  - which according to Psychic Revelation website is "....You may need some time to adjust to changes, if so.. give yourself the time you need. If you are in a relationship, the Knight can indicate that one or both partners may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed by the demands of the relationship. This can be worked out if both parties want to do so. Explore, and share, your feelings. Pay attention to the signals your partner is giving out, however. If he/she seems overwhelmed, this is not the time." This card speaks about what Spirit's just said, your emotions are in one bag, and your social conditionings are in another bag... making you appear detached from your emotions of love, maybe you have become weighed down with the responsibilities of what everyone expects from you. Try to find yourself, that you can be the love that you are within. Here ends this little time with you here at AllExperts, I hope that this has brought you some comfort and peace that you're seeking when you asked this question today. Sending you an abundance of Love, Blessings & (((Heart-Hugs))) your way, today & always.


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I talk to Angels, Spirit Guides like my friends. I believe we're all intuitive, most just living in an illusion (the Maya). Angels liken us to beach pebbles, as we awaken..we realize we're diamonds. But this first awakening comes from the realization of self-love, as the key to the Universe is Love.

As we are all energy beings in our human body, I'm a HSP, taught by Teacher Spirit Guides

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