Name: Courtney B.
Sex: Female
DoB: April 25th, 1988


I have been working as a research assistant at my biotechnology job in Portland, OR for a year and a half, and for a while now have been wondering if this field is truly the best fit for me.  I don't dread going to work, but on the other hand am realizing that I'm not all that passionate about what it is I do there, either.  I like the fact that I'm stimulated and learning new things all the time at my job and that I have the world's nicest boss, but since I started there I feel like my life has become dull and uninteresting and people can hear my lack of passion when I talk about my professional life at parties.  I've always been interested in science/helping, I love solving puzzles, and was ecstatic when I was first offered the position--so why am I so apathetic when I'm there?!  

I guess my question is, do you see me succeeding in this position/with this company down the road?  If so, when will things become less stagnant there--and if not, where (if anywhere) do you see me working instead?     

Thank you!!  


The feild you work is in amazing and you are really good at it. I think though you are not being challenged enough and you are not in the right company . Even though you fit well into it I do feel you are truly do for a change and I can see you moving to a larger company in the next 12 months. From what I can see you are going to be going to a much bigger company and doing much more work than you are doing now and having more opportunities as well. I see a really strong change coming to you and this will bring you the happiness level you are missing.  


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