Hello sir thanks for ur previous response as u said spirit told me to focus i m trying but these days i cant focus at all and feel really low i dont know why i m not even praying god neither i cant concentrate on prayer, unable to do rosary .... i was not like this before as its now i m a spiritual person but right now i m not able to practice spirituality neither have interest to do worldly work  .Do u can ask my angel and tell whats lacking in this area as i m trying but getting failed...

Thanks and regards

Dear Supriya,

Thank you for requesting a follow-up spiritual, Christian Intuitive reading.

Spirit reveals that your lack of focus has to do with negative influences around you that are draining your thought processes so that you are not fully able to concentrate on that which you should. When such influences begin to creep into your life it is a sure sign that the adversary, the enemy of God and man, is attempting to win influence over you. You must not let that happen. The fact that you say you are not even praying to God or the rosary is also a danger sign.

You should concentrate on the wonderful work that Mother Teresa did for people and the love that she always extended to those in need. She appears at the moment to let you know that the devil has no influence over you and your life that you do not allow for him to have. Because you are much Stronger than that! And for you to work hard each time that negative influence rears its ugly head to try to keep you from praying to God and instead knock it aside by seeing yourself being covered by the Blood of the Lamb and surrounded by God's Pure Divine Light of Whiteness AT ALL TIMES! The blood of Jesus Christ protects you! He knows you are going through this hard time and is fully there for you to assist you in your time of need. But you must reach out to Him in full Faith and Belief that you can be helped by His Divine presence.

Feelings of lack in doing mundane work is another negative sign of the influence around you that should not be. Daily and nightly prayer to God through His only beloved Son Jesus Christ is recommended. Dark influences cannot be around a person who prays as prayer is Light and that Light goes to God in prayer and God, in turn, returns that Light to you in order to overcome the darkness within and around you.

In times of weakness, simply say the words "My Savior Jesus Christ, Please Help Me and Protect Me From the Adversary!" Say that at least three times in succession. Say that more often throughout the day until you start to feel the positive vibration of those powerful words and sense that Jesus is with you as well as His most Holy angels.

Never allow yourself to give in to tired thought, Spirit says. That is to say that you must not allow any energy or influence that is not from God to try to dictate to you that you should not pray. Immediately set up an "Emergency Response System" whereby when you get that feeling that you cannot pray or work or do anything the immediate vision of Jesus Christ filled with His most pure, Divine Light appears in your mind. See Him as a Holy Divine Vision and hold it close to you and do not allow anything else to distract you from that which you feel you should be doing such as praying or the work that you should do and were meant to do.

Know that negative influences do not have any power over you that you do not first give to them. Therefore, cast them away with great, authoritative feeling whenever they come. They are not meant to be there with you as they are not there for your greater good. Do not stop until those feelings are gone and can no longer bother or trouble you. Then simply say a prayer to God through Jesus Christ asking Him to give you great Strength to overcome this problem and He will help you! Why? Because He is your Divine Heavenly Father and you are His child and He loves you much more than you will ever know. And when you reach out to God in pure Faith and Belief that He has already helped you, even though you do not see help manifesting at that immediate moment, that is however the KEY that sets such energy in motion through your faith and belief and God can most certainly make it materialize in your life. You WILL be Successful, Spirit says! Be gladdened by this message and know that you are being watched by God's angels of protection as they are always with you and are as near as your own shadow. Call upon them also, not in prayer, as we only pray to God but call upon them as the true and best friends that you will ever have. Your feelings of lack and not wanting to do that which your inner self knows must be done will also pass.

Thank you for your Christian Intuitive Reading request, Supriya, and may God bless you! And always remember that you are as your *mind* thinks you are. Therefore, see at all times your status as being well, resourceful, loving and free from all that stands in your way of happiness. Please know that God loves you much more than you will ever know!


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