Hi my names Ashley and my fiance name is Edward we have a daughter named Mia me and Edward have been trying to have another baby for the past two years so far I have had one miscarriage and 1 still birth m,I wanted to know if you could see if I ever have another baby I'm so depressed about this :(thank you

Hi there.

- Thank you for writing in.

Yes, you will have another baby, a boy. I see a male child. I am seeing you getting pregnant this June, of this year. And so you will have him next year, of 2017. So, do not be so worried, it will happen.

I see you are saddened by this matter. And I see it is putting you into a rather deep depression, but don't let it. I feel it is mostly on your part, about the issues with having another child/baby. I also see something with your diet, it is not the best. Something with wheat, and grains, came to mind. This is not the best, you need more of it. And this has been affecting you, I see in terms of being able to conceive naturally, and in a healthy manner. You may also want to take some dietary supplements, vitamins/minerals.

I see by end of the new year, of 2017, you will have 2 kids in total. A girl and a boy, and they will make you proud, and I just see a family for both you and your husband, and this will make you very happy. So, no need to be too concerned over this matter.

I hope this helped.

Goodluck to you!


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