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Hello Gipsy,

I just started dating a guy about a month ago and things seemed to have stopped before it even began. He has become closed up and it seems like he's backing away before I have a chance to hold on. I could be thinking too much into it or maybe there's something that I don't know. I know the guy I have been seeing is going through a hard time with the separation of his ex wife (that he has yet to tell me about) and he also has some financial problems he is dealing with as well. I really do like this guy and I wish and hope there is more to come between us. A part of me thinks that I am just worrying myself when things are still forming or maybe I was just a distraction or a small fling.

My question is: What will come from this relationship and will the two of us become a small relationship or long term?

Tiffany (me): June 2,1988
Matt: February 28,1983

Hello Tiffany, thanks for contacting me with your question, the Universal World of the Divine Spirit is saying to you, that as you know Matt's already been married before, so he's just talking to you - he's not emotionally committed to you.... I'm drawn to pulling a Tarot card for you from the Rider-Waite tarot deck - HIGH PRIESTESS - which according to Psychic Revelation website is "you could well be interested in a ______ who is distant and unapproachable. Trust your instincts" which basiically confirms what Spirit has said, that you're aware this process with him will not lead anywhere. Here ends the few minutes with you here at AllExperts, I hope that this has brought you some comfort and peace that you're seeking when you asked this question today. Sending you an abundance of Love, Blessings & (((Heart-Hugs))) your way, today & always.


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