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March 19, 1997

Tristan Crowson (me) - Male 18
Haley Holloway - Female 18

Dear expert,

Currently I have been with this girl for 4 years in a long distance relationship, and while things have been going good, she recently got really depressed and so were taking a break now. We still text every day, talk about how we can be better for each other and getting back together. She refers to us as "friends ..." Which I believe that once her depression lessens and she feels better, we can be together again. Anyways, I was just curious as to what you see with us? Will we get back together? And if we do, what do you see happening? Thank you for your time and effort.
Sincerely Tristan

I do feel she is going through a lot and the demands of love and a relationship are simply too much for her. A long distance one is also very confusing and hard as this is the most challenging of all.  I think she feels like this is easier and you being her friend could allow you to find someone closer. However the emotions she feels to you are love and as her depressions ease she will become more responsive and flirty again.  I do not currently see a long term potential right now because you both have a lot of obstacles in front of you but this does not mean its going to end. Right now you both face a lot of challenges .  


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