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I am asking on behalf of my husband. Stuart - 10 November 1963. He has had dreams for the last week where he feels his spirit is out of his physical body and he is in a strange place. He cannot describe the location. He feels goosebumps and is cold. There is a sense of warning and someone/something is chasing him. He talks in his sleep and mumbles but I hear him call out my name in a high pitched voice - sort of asking a question/looking for me. Last night he woke with a start and went downstairs to check on our daughter, he passed a photo portrait of my father, mother, brother & I as a child. He said he felt goosebumps and the picture felt evil or malevolent. What does all this mean? He feels that something is trying to warn him about a bad event that will befall our family. We have also moved to a new house 9 mths ago. He has not had dreams like this in any of the other homes we have lived in. Thank you for your time.

your husband is very independent person and love his safety if there is fears appearing in his dreams it can be first of all an expression of fear for his safety which can be reduced mostly by economical presure according to his numerology so if there is any financial stress on him these days this can be expressed in such dreams- another thing is maybe to work on his air ways numerology suggest he can suffer from blocked air ways so clean nose and maybe better pose when he does go to sleep can help him have some extra oxygen which lack of it can cause indeed the feeling of alert and fear . the images are his way of fearing meaning what worries him most the care for his family is what will probably scare him while dreaming. if you feel the house generate real negative energy that fumigating it with sage dry sticks all around and than open all the windows will help carry such energy out  and as for the tarot I did not see any horrible news coming his direction so I still feel its his personal worries. lavender oil smell in the room can be helpful also for relaxing sleep and may you all have sweet dreams again.  


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