thank you for your time and energy in taking my question. what do you see for me? I am self supporting, so I need an income. I have no job and have been applying but no job offer. What do you see for me? any insight into this would be heartfelt.

Hi Nancy;

Thanks for reaching out to me.  I saw 2 different jobs for you.  One is something temporary and then while working you will be doing something on your own.  Do you cook or bake?  
If you want to send me some places you applied to I can tune into them and see which place I feel for you.




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Chinhee Park


I am clairvoyant, an empath, and a medium. I can answer all questions. The only questions I prefer not to answer are when someone asks me when they or someone is going to die.


15 years. Professional experience. I own my own website business.

Organizations - American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. My position is Chief Examiner.

Graced covers of several International Books and International magazines. Author; Maximillien DeLafayette. "American Psychic Magazine", "Parapsychology and Mind Power" magazine, "BelleSprit" magazine, "Art, UFO & Supernatural" magazine. Featured in many issues of several magazines and books.

Associates Degree not applicable to my field.

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2013 Nominated #3 psychic in the U.S. and #3 in the world. 2012 Nominated #1 psychic in the U.S. and #3 in the world.

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I have regular clients up to 15 years. I also have several past and new clients due to my new website.

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