I was seeing this guy not long ago we stopped talking. Right now  I am single, and I want to know do you see me meeting a man who I will marry. Dob August 20, 1978

Hello Yvette, thanks for contacting me with your question, the Universal World of the Divine Spirit is showing that an older man comes into your life in Divine timing, you will have both met each other in previous lives and yes a wedding will take place. I'm drawn to pulling a Tarot card for you from the Rider-Waite tarot deck - THE DEVIL reversed - which according to Psychic Revelation website is "If you’re seeking love and you draw this card, give some consideration as to whether or how much you may be feeling “trapped” in single-hood and do your best to make peace with your situation and who you are, where you are, right now, today. An aura of grasping for love will make nearly any sane potential partner run for the hills. Clinging and desperate people are universally unattractive to healthy partners. Make sure you are not in that mode. Consider taking a break from your dating." this confirms what Spirit is saying, that love is possible when you're loving yourself and aren't desperate to get someone trapped into being in 'love' with you. This 5 minutes has ended with you here at AllExperts, I hope that this has brought you some comfort and peace that you're seeking when you asked this question today. Sending you an abundance of Love, Blessings & (((Heart-Hugs))) your way, today & always.


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I talk to Angels, Spirit Guides like my friends. I believe we're all intuitive, most just living in an illusion (the Maya). Angels liken us to beach pebbles, as we awaken..we realize we're diamonds. But this first awakening comes from the realization of self-love, as the key to the Universe is Love.

As we are all energy beings in our human body, I'm a HSP, taught by Teacher Spirit Guides

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