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Dear Shariananda,

Thank you very much for offering your help and light.  I have spent some time working on me, on myself, getting to know me better. After a while, I am a different person who loves myself, relaxed and mostly happy with life. I believe the moment has come to meet a soul mate. I can also "feel", he's about to appear in my life.  Do you see anyone coming to my love life? Any details you could give me about him (name or appearance) will be very much appreciated.  My DOB is July 6, 1972.
Thanks so much!!!

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Dear Maria--
Thanks for your thanks. I always appreciate a little gratitude. Be blessed.

I drew three cards on your desire to know if anyone is coming. I should tell you up front, that you are getting ahead of yourself. You are right,you have done lots of work, but you remain in transition. So, it will be important to let your life flow along other tracks, nature, study, service, deeper meditation.

The first card I drew was Seven Swords. It was in answer to my question--who's Maria's right now ?

The second card I drew was Six Wands. It was in answer to the question what is Maria's circumstance or background?

The third card was in answer to your question: there someone coming for you? I drew (The Suspended Person, XII).

The Seven swords shows five swords in the air above a betony bush. Next to the bush are two swords stuck in the ground. In the distance is a mixed sky of clouds: huge fluffy snow like clouds, surounded by a reddish sunset haze, further embraced by a yellow sky. One of the two swords stuck in the ground is taller than the other.

The above card tells me that you have spent a lot of time in your head, working on old patterns, undigested emotional and relational issues, plus reviewing choices and planning for a better work and career life. Maybe you have seen a therapist and practiced meditation and prayer. The 5 swords in the air suggest you have released these concerns. The clouds in the distance say you are doing some day dreaming and some wistful thinking(white fluffy). The red haze says you are wishing for love and intimacy, and the yellow over all is the divine in which all of your desires are enclosed. You have divine timing built into your hopes and dreams and are moving in perfect timing. You also are encouraged to keep flowers of hope and encouragement near you to inspire and feed your mind. You can slip into doubt without help from the elementals (spirits in plants). The two swords stuck in the ground are your being grounded in truth with a teacher(taller sword). Grounded is where you will be standing in 7 weeks or months.

The Six of Wands told me that you need to open a bit more for spiritual messages. It features a messenger with a scroll in his belt standing facing 3 wooden staffs that are placed in front of him. They are as tall as he is, and there is a staff in his hand, as well as two behind him. He wears a gray helmet with a blue/purple feather sticking from it. I asked about your situation, and the guides tell me you block things by being willful or set in your mind about when things ought to happen and in what order. Relax and trust.

The three staffs in front of the messenger are three things that keep you from hearing the messages that would be encouraging and guiding for you. These messages would reduce the anxiety you experience around having done so much work without evidence that someone for you is coming.But living on planet earth as soul is more than just reorganizing our inner life and waiting and hoping for love. It is about getting in sync with the energies of Love. So starting today, try to express more love to everything in your life from pots to ants, people to strangers, plants to clothes. Just awaken now to those approaches (blocks in your progress). The two staffs behind the messenger just say that he has so much to tell you, and you do not have to change your religion.The gray helmet,says you may meet a man who seems like a good prospect for love, but he will be a teacher. He should be coming along in six week to six months. He will be strong and steady and speak differently than ever you heard a man speak. The blue/purple feather in the gray helmet tells me he is a spiritual guide to you and neutral. So you do not have to work so hard, just open to the messages that he will help you see, and that begin to come to you through flowers,birds, and by being outside in the air among the trees.

The final card was the one drawn in answer to your question do I see someone coming? That card was The Hanged Man/or Suspended person. It features a person dressed in green suspended in a sea upside down. The legs are in the formation of the number 4, and the eyes are open. Seaweed surrounds the person.
The man you are seeking is at least a year away. You will need to mediate deeply on your emotional states, know thyself in this way. The world of nature is now to be your healer and informer. This is a long instructive response to your question, and while it was a simple question, it is meant to drive you deeper and encourage you to focus newly as you await not only love, but the new teacher to take you to the place where he will aid you in arriving. Shari  (PS--I may be the teacher).


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